Tame and Savage – A Cop and a Werewolf In Love, Oh, My!!


“Don’t worry I’m tame.”

This is how LAPD Officer Cavan Carmichael meets the man who who changes his life…

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I love these covers! Photography by Justin Monroe, cover model Dionisio Heiderscheid, cover design by A.J. Corza. 

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Tame Synopsis:

Cavan Carmichael has just transferred to LAPD from rural Oregon. It’s Halloween and he’s expecting…well, the unexpected, since it’s the time of spooky things, and this is LA, after all. Nobody, however, could have predicted an animal abuse call that turns out to reveal a beaten, chained-up man in a garden shed.

Then come the words that Cavan knows will haunt him for life: “Don’t worry, I’m tame.”

Cavan rescues the man who, underneath the bruises and blood, is very handsome. And mysterious. Nothing about the stranger adds up. Nothing he says makes sense. For every medical test the doctors perform, only more questions arise. When Ludo, as he insists he be called, is admitted to the hospital, he has grievous injuries inflicted by a despicable assailant via antique torture instruments.

Unbelievably, Ludo’s injuries heal fast and Cavan, who visits the recuperating man, is astonished to find he is attracted and protective of the man. But can Cavan overlook the oddities, such as bristles under the man’s tongue? The strange wolf hairs in his wounds? Is the most beautiful man Cavan has ever seen really…tame?

Savage Synopsis:

LAPD cop Cavan Carmichael is more in love than ever with Ludo, the man he rescued during a nightmare raid in a Brentwood, CA house. Ludo, who must fight his werewolf inclinations to kill, has eighteen months to go before he can swim across the lake in Argentina that cursed him in the first place.

But it ain’t easy.

One hot August night in the middle of a family barbecue, Cavan is disturbed not only by Ludo’s increasing moodiness, but also the stone statues of wolves that populate the exterior of the building next door. Also, somebody’s following Cavan, and he soon learns that a second man has been beaten and tortured at the same residence in Brentwood where he’d rescued Ludo. And to make matters worse, when Cavan and his workmates rush to the property, they discover that the victim is somebody from Cavan’s past.

Secrets are revealed, mysteries deepen, and a shocking, age-old legend puts Cavan’s life at risk. But Ludo tells him not to worry, that he would never let anyone hurt his man. “When I’m pushed to the wall,” Ludo says, “I’m savage…”

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