New! Kindle Vella Story! Love, Lilac and Lusio

OUT NOW! New serial on Amazon’s Kindle Vella Series. Catch the first two episodes of this twisty mystery today!

Ever since writers began putting pen to paper…and other things like stone, rock, etc. serials have been a big thing. Some of the greatest writers of all time began serializing their books before they became novels. I’ve always been fascinated with serials and now…Amazon is launching Kindle Vella, serializing stories for readers. I have submitted my first one for them. It’s a shapeshifting, paranormal thriller called Love, Lilac and Lusio. I have to thank Lex Valentine for the gorgeous cover. 


Lilac Boguske hires a hitman to kill her because it’s easier than sticking to a diet. When she changes her mind, he won’t stop. He’s tried twice and failed but has four more chances to get it right. She employs struggling PI Toby Cameron to help her, putting them both in mortal danger. He knows Lusio Lannon’s true identity as a fearsome Zuni warrior with priceless gifts of supersonic hearing, unusual agility…and an unquenchable passion for murder.

Episode 1: Bone Jumper and Episode 2: Great Balls of Fire are AVAILABLE NOW!

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