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It’s wedding bells in Waikiki! Can Mingo and Francois finally get hitched without a…um…hitch?

Of course not! Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest forensic accountant—okay, okay, he’s Honolulu’s only forensic accountant—attracts drama just getting out of bed in the morning.
On the day he plans to make an honest man out of Francois, everything goes wrong.
Mingo’s Best Person, his BFF Leilani Squires, goes missing, and so does her dog. Not only that, but somebody has just sent the happy couple a wedding gift that is not only ugly, but illegal and could land them both in the pokey…
And oh yeah, Benny Leonard wants to hire Mingo for an explosive new murder case. Today.
Security expert Francois is irate that his lover has accepted an art piece, the ugliest one anybody ever saw that is the center of a huge international scandal. Just who is the culprit who sent it? Who wants to see Mingo and Francois in stripes so badly? Is it Mingo’s ex, Kaolin Grace? Francois is determined to solve the mystery and get Mingo down that gardenia-strewn aisle if he must hogtie him to do it.

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