Merc’s Back! Catch him in the act in Mercury Blues, Mercury Jones, #1


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Author’s Note! back by popular demand, Mercury Blues, which had been part of author Toby Neal’s Lei Crime series on Kindle Worlds has been revamped and re-released. And I’m stoked! Mercury Gold and Mercury Mojito will be republished soon and then I’ll be writing some new Merc adventures. Until then…

Can Mercury Jones outsmart a gun-happy hitman, or will he soon be singing the blues?

Former LAPD detective Mercury Jones moves to Maui to start afresh as a private investigator, but trouble follows him.

Somebody’s trying to kill him. He thinks he knows who but proving and preventing his own homicide seems impossible. That’s when he reaches out to Maui PD’s Detective Yolanda Nagato and tells her a bizarre tale.

Yolanda knows Mercury from the munitions course she took—and failed—with Merc, and she still blames him for her current position as a juvenile truant officer. In her mind, Merc somehow aced the class and beat all the other students, but she’s always felt the surfer-cop was a bit of a buffoon.

When he tells her his chilling tale, she wonders if Merc’s snapped his cap, until somebody takes potshots at them.

Merc worked undercover on a “virtual kidnapping” case for the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit, posing as a hitman for Alejandra Vasquez, a ruthless young woman running the scam across three mainland states. She not only killed the man Mercury loved but is responsible for the death of a girl kidnapped by one of her henchmen.

Though, caught and charged, Vasquez was allowed out on bail under home arrest, pending her trial. Now she’s vanished.

Merc, still traumatized by the events that unfolded, is being terrorized.

Somebody has tracked him down to his new upcountry ranch in Kokomo and is leaving ominous messages and strange “gifts.” Not only that, but he’s receiving daily texts with chilling photoshopped images of a freshly turned grave covered in rainbow daisies.

Can Yolanda and her partner, Detective Pinky Pratt help Merc? Or will he wind up as fertilizer for some fine-looking blooms?

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