Eivissa – an Erotic, Romantic Mystery set on the Spanish Island OUT NOW!

Hi Gang!

One of my favorite books, Eivissa (The Spanish language name for the island of Ibiza) is out NOW at Extasy Books!

Purchase Link: https://www.extasybooks.com/eivissa/

This truly is one of my favorite romances, and also one of my strangest mysteries! Based on a true story, I loved writing this and hope you enjoy reading it. And if you ever get a chance to go to Eivissa – GO!


When an amnesiac man capsizes on the shores of Spain’s sun-kissed island of Eivissa, bar owner Demetrio Reyes thinks he’s found his someone…or has he?

Demetrio has found the good life, putting his devastating past behind him and investing his hard-earned money into a gay bar on the island of Ibiza, or as the locals insist on calling it, Eivissa. With celebrities and other stunning beautiful men roaming the hot-spot island, Demetrio thinks he’s found a slice of heaven. When a strange man’s small boat capsizes in the Mediterranean, once he’s rescued, he seems to be attracted to Demetrio.

The man, however, has amnesia. He has no memory of his name, his life and has no ID. His boat is registered to a Philip Gordon, but the handsome stranger says he doesn’t think it’s his name. After picking the name Océano, the Spanish word for the sea, he and Demetrio begin an impassioned affair that soon turns disastrous. Océano may not be amnesiac. He may not be the good guy he seems to be and…he may not even be gay.

This book was previously published and has been expanded.

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