Mirror Image – Formerly Mirrors – is out NOW!

Hey Gang!

Mirror Image – formerly published as Mirrors is OUT NOW at Extasy Books!

Purchase Linkhttps://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2910-2-mirror-image/

Troy and Aaron Mayer, identical twins separated at the age of two, lived wildly different lives. Aaron struggled to take care of their alcoholic, gambling-addicted mother, while Troy, raised by their father, experienced a life of luxury.

After years of silence, Troy asks to see Aaron. When Aaron arrives at his brother’s boat, he finds a note instead and suspects suicide. In his farewell note, Troy offers Aaron his car, his money, and his life of riches.

On the run from loan sharks, Aaron slips easily into this mirrored life. But everywhere he turns he discovers somebody Troy devastated, including his handsome husband, Dave Alvarez. Pulled into his brother’s life of crime, Aaron is set up for a fall, but he’s too strong to shatter.

This book was previously published as Mirrors.



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