Mercury Gold is OUT NOW – Book 2 in the Mercury Jones series!

























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This book is part of author Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Kindle World series…so much crime! so much fun!

Gold is good. Gold is sparkly. Mercury Jones learns gold is also… deadly.

Maui’s newest private detective Mercury Jones gets a hot new case. Burning hot, that is. A young family has disappeared and the deeper Merc delves into the mysterious Harrison family, the weirder the case becomes. Gold, mob bosses, more gold, and the riddle of some blue eggs have him scratching his head.
Or is that the fault of a local outbreak of head lice?
Somebody seems bent on making the case tough to solve and Merc’s not feeling good. He has weird symptoms just when he doesn’t need them. He has another case he’s still wrapping up and he has a new chance at love.
Or does he?
With clues and suspects colliding, he joins forces with Maui P.D.’s Lieutenant Lei Texeira to figure things out. But all he wants is bed rest. And not necessarily alone. When he receives a startling medical diagnosis he’s too embarrassed to share the news, let alone his bed.
Gold is good. But not in this case.
And what do the blue eggs have to do with a certain hen named Mary Poopins?




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