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Dylan and Riley are about to learn the hard way that some mysteries are best left unsolved…

Beneath Denver’s wide open spaces and huge, snow-kissed mountains are mysteries shrouded in a darkness best kept to the imagination. Or even blurred videos on YouTube. When Dylan and Riley fulfill their dreams by relocating to Colorado, life seems perfect until they learn about the mysterious Ghost Bridge. It seems to be haunted by old Native American spirits, animals and…something else.
When they challenge each other to go out there, everything goes horribly wrong and Dylan disappears. The police believe he’s killed his lover, but of course, Riley knows some mysterious entity has Dylan in its grip. Can he save him? Strange things start happening and all too soon Riley discovers the secret of the Ghost Bridge. And it’s wilder than anything he could have imagined.


He gave me a mile-wide grin, the kind Tom Cruise used to pull off effortlessly until he went weird. Dylan unbuckled his seat belt and thrust his groin into the air.


I gave him a look laced with frustration. “I could use a blowjob too, D.”

He looked at me and in a mournful tone whined, “But my MOFO…”


“All right, all right. Does that mean you don’t want to have a little fun?”

With some effort, I managed not to pull a face, roll my eyes, or make a disparaging remark. “I never said that,” I murmured. Actually, public sex was something we both enjoyed when we first started dating. Back then, I had a crazy roommate and Dylan was temporarily staying with his parents so we had a lot of car and motel sex.

I rubbed along the seam of his jeans and unzipped his fly, releasing his massive cock. I let the half-open zipper act as a restraint and sucked up and down, letting my head bob in the way he liked. He loved if people walked by and knew what we were doing.

“That’s it, baby.” He kept stroking my head and grunted as he got harder and harder. He thrust his hips up and all ten inches of his sweet cock packed my mouth and throat.

He became impatient, pushing me away from him. I let go of him with reluctance. He climbed over me to get onto the backseat and held his hand out to me. “Get over here,” he rasped.

I did as I was told and he nuzzled my crotch as he worked on removing my jeans. We stripped each other off and he pushed me hard onto the black leather backseat. He spread my legs and let his hand fall on my asshole. He used his left hand to hold my right leg back.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he whispered. “I’m gonna make you my bitch.”

“I already am,” I whispered back, grinning.

He kissed me hard, his tongue playing with my lips. “Riley, I don’t just love you unconditionally,” he said. “I love you uncontrollably.”

My cock was rigid and he grinned down at it.

“You love it,” he said, his tone one of wonderment. He brushed his right hand against my cock and balls, letting the back of it sweep across my sac almost as though it were an accident. But it was no fluke. He bit his bottom lip and turned his hand around, his fingers lingering at my hole. He used his thumb to rub up and down, then raised his hand to his lips and licked it.

“Nice,” he murmured and grunted again when my body jolted as he touched me again. He used only his thumb to rub me again. Though my body was hot, my ass felt dry. He pushed my right thigh back, biting his lip again. He took his time, his gaze raking over me. “I can’t wait to be in you, boy.”



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