The Lei Crime Series: Bullets and Birthday Lūʻaus (Coffee and Kukui Nuts Book 4) OUT NOW!

bullets and birthday luaus KINDLE


Bullets and Birthday Lūʻaus, my brand new Kindle World novella is live! Purchase Link:


It’s time for a Baby lūʻau in Maui. And not just any baby. Explosives expert, Detective Abe Torufu, and his lover, precinct Captain C. J. Omura are the proud godparents of Detective Gerry Bunuelos’ newly adopted daughter, Beatriz. Abe is already godfather to Gerry’s only other daughter, Ofélia, whom he adores, but his new duties seem to have inflamed C.J.’s desire for a family of her own. She’s suddenly obsessed with babysitting all seven little Bunueloses – when one is a handful and two are a nightmare.
Is that her biological clock Abe hears ticking? Or something more sinister?
Just as Abe and the gang prepare themselves for the all-important first birthday lūʻau, things run amok in paradise. Gerry’s new baby isn’t who she’s supposed to be. She might be stolen. That’s not all the pilfering going on. A cache of high-power military weapons has vanished from a Coast Guard facility near Abe’s home in Wailuku and his brother Kole, captain of the guard, is missing. Can Abe ever throw a party that goes right?

As he, Gerry, and Lei Texeira hunt down clues and investigate what seems to be connected crimes, Abe’s lūʻau promises to be…explosive.

This story takes place after Bone Hook.


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