MANACLED: Mingo McCloud Book 6 is out NOW!

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Will Mingo and Francois get hitched?

Honolulu’s hottest forensic accountant Mingo McCloud is launching the criminal investigation he never dreamed possible. The perp? Himself.

It’s wedding bells in Waikiki with Mingo set to marry Francois. Friends and family arrive from all over the world, and just as the intrepid pair gets ready to say “I do,” they don’t. A mysterious woman shows up at the service, claiming to be the long-lost wife of…Mingo!

Needless to say, Mingo is stunned. Not the least because he’s never dated a woman, much less married one. The whole family’s in an uproar, especially when the shady lady produces wedding pictures and love letters allegedly written by Mingo.

He and Francois are determined to unravel the mystery. But for Mingo, the shocks don’t stop coming when it appears he has a trail of busted female hearts behind him, as well as some serious grifting. What the heck is going on? Is he the victim of a conspiracy, or is something else happening? Are parts of Mingo awake and doing things he knows nothing about when he’s sleeping?

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