Taste the forbidden fruits of…The Forbidden Island – Phantom Lover #3, OUT NOW!

The Forbidden Island - FINAL (2)


I’m so excited to announce that The Forbidden Island is out today! This is a nice, juicy 80 K + story set on the mysterious island of Ni’ihau. It’s called The Forbidden Is’and because nobody can visit without an invitation by a resident.

Many years ago, I got to visit it and it still haunts my dreams…

Here is the Amazon purchase link:


The Forbidden Island by A.J. Llewellyn

Johnny Kaimana is a young Honolulu tour guide, enjoying a fun, carefree existence and a no-strings sexual relationship with his roommate, island music man Alex “Aloha” Granger. But just as things turn serious between them, Johnny finds himself drawn to Mahini, a mysterious stranger, an imperious tattoo artist from The Forbidden Island of Ni’ihau.

What starts as a hot sexual romp turns almost deadly when Mahini, determined to either keep Johnny for himself or kill him, secretly burdens him with an ancient, evil curse called he malama pu’olo, or a Bundle of Death. With the aid of the powerful kahuna priest Kimo Wilder, Johnny seeks to retrieve the very personal object Mahini has stolen from him.

But to get back the item means making a rare and dangerous trip to Ni’ihau, an island forbidden to outsiders. Can Johnny break the hold of the curse? He knows he must, for his sanity, for his life, and also for the life of the man he realizes he truly loves, the man he calls Aloha…

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