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First he was WANTED, now he’s NEEDED! Mingo McCloud is back in action in the islands!

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Mingo McCloud, Honolulu’s hottest – and only criminal forensic accountant. Mingo has settled into professional and personal bliss on Oahu’s North Shore. His life with his lover, Francois, a security expert with mysterious ties to military and DEA authorities, is on course until Francois accepts an apparently routine case of outfitting a Caribbean billionaire’s luxury holiday home with state of the art security.

When their home is ransacked and Mingo’s car is blown up and a tropical storm heads right toward St. Martin, where Francois was last seen, Mingo becomes frantic when his lover vanishes. He heads to the islands even though travelers are being turned away. Nothing will stop him from finding his missing man. Mingo thought he needed Francois, but realizes, as deadly forces try to stop him, that he, himself, is needed.

HOT Excerpt:

It felt weird being on the hectic east side of the island again. We rarely came here. We were homebodies and we also loved our more natural side of the island. If we ventured away, it was usually to the windward side, to Kailua or any parts in between that town and ours. We loved the wild parts of the island.

Hey, we were backtracking. Since Waikiki was a maze of one-way streets, this wasn’t unusual. However, we were now heading away from the freeway. I was about to call his cell phone when I followed him down tiny Lewers Street. My heart gave a pleasant skip. I loved the hotels here. They were all expensive and gorgeous. There was one very handsome resort, the Hale Koa, set in the middle of emerald-green landscaping especially built for members of the US military. They could come and stay here for their R-and-Rs. We’d been there a couple of times, since Francois was ex-military. It was a wonderful place.

But no, we sped right past it. He stopped right outside the Halekulani. Oh, no…it was only my favorite place in the world.

“What are we doing here?” I asked him as I got out of my car and a cute valet guy all dressed in white drove off with my wheels.

“Making good on the second part of my promise,” Francois said, his hand resting briefly on my lower back.

I couldn’t speak. I was too busy grinning like a simpleton. I felt my cock moistening my boxer briefs inside my suit pants. I wanted him in the worst way. As we entered the cool confines of the luxury resort hotel, I felt quite decadent being here on a weekday a little after noon. We usually came for cocktails, pupus and the lovely hula and music at sunset. But this was a first. With a jolt, I realized it was my first nooner with Francois. Actually, my first nooner ever.

Francois did the check-in thing. We drew a few glances. He was an imposing figure with his six-foot-four frame. I was no slouch at around six feet, but I could tell a few people at the front desk were wondering about us. We walked to the bank of elevators, the sea breeze wafting to us between elegant orchid displays and strategically placed palm fronds.

We went upstairs, around a corner and I saw the sign on the door, Royal Suite.

“Oh, Francois.”

He didn’t say a word. His hand grew a little more insistent at my back and he steered me inside the most stunning room I had ever been in. Ever. The room was huge and magnificent, opening onto a lanai on which stood a chaise and beyond it, a spectacular view of Diamond Head.

Francois stood behind me, his hands sliding down my hips, moving inward to my crotch, resting right on my cock. I knew he loved my cock and indeed, enjoyed sucking it for hours.

His fingers moved to the belt buckle keeping him from what he wanted. I turned my face up to meet his and he kissed me, his tongue moving into my mouth as his hands negotiated my zipper. We soon got into a frenzy. We stripped each other in record time. I saw he was hard, but he gestured outside.

“Get on that chaise, right now.”

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