D.J. Manly and I have waited a VERY long time for Blood Eclipse to be released and we are stoked that the book is finally out. This vampire tale set in the Los Angeles of the future is one of our favorites and the first in a series of four books in which vampires have taken over the brothels…don’t miss this paranormal love story with…a bite!
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Vampires have come out of the closet, and they’re buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels. Looking for your own Twilight fantasy? It’s yours. 

Rory bitterly hates vampires. After all, one of them murdered his friend. So when his best friend Dennis begs him to accompany him to a vampire brothel on his birthday so that he can experience what is widely believed to be the sex of his life, Rory tags along reluctantly. 

Rory and Dennis both find their worlds changed forever as the sun goes down on Eclipse. As they enter the revamped Magic Castle, they discover that sex, love and blood can mix. Dennis finds himself falling in love with the mysterious Thiago, and Rory is taken by Carden who is so beautiful, Rory isn’t even sure if he’s real – but evil is everywhere, permeating everything as the night closes in around them.

All around them, the music pumped like an accelerated heartbeat, throbbing with sexual heat. When they arrived at their table near the front, Rory’s gaze was riveted to the naked dancer who slithered across the stage like a seductive serpent, his eyes glowing with some preternatural light, his beauty actually creating some kind of unholy glow around his perfectly sculptured body.

It was Dennis who grabbed his arm and pushed him down into a chair, grinning like a kid who had just been presented with a shiny new toy.
“Sit,” he said. “I have to go see the regulator and get my sheet.”

“Sheet?” Rory muttered, trying to tear his gaze away from the hypnotic vision in front of him. “What sheet?”

“All these hunks have numbers. I have to reserve if I want one, and hopefully I’ll get the one I choose. Demand exceeds supply in these places. Thank God these vamps can do one mortal after another. Order drinks. I’ll be back.”

A half-naked Asian was standing in front of Rory suddenly, holding a tray. Beautiful, but then they were all beautiful, weren’t they?

“Not all of us,” he said. “What can I get for you, sweetie?”

The waiter was leaning down next to him, his face close to his. Rory instinctively moved his head away. “Ah, two rum and Cokes, I guess. And did you just read my thoughts?”

The waiter grinned and winked at him, walking off without a word, presumably in the direction of the bar. Rory couldn’t see anything through the crowd, not even where Dennis had gone.

The table he was at was small, only big enough for two, and right beside him was a larger table filled with six young men who were talking loudly and chugging beer. One of them reached up to touch the dancer on the stage, but he moved out of reach so fast, Rory saw only a flash. The dancer hissed, his fangs coming into view and that, too, seemed to last only a heartbeat. Then his expression became unreadable.

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