Aloha gang, today we are meeting a totally awesome and amazing author, LAURIE HANAN, whose Louise Golden mysteries are some of my favorite books! She has a new release called HOAKA MOONSHINE and it’s a fantastic Hawaiian mystery that’s part of the Lei Crime Series created by best-selling author, Toby Neal. This Kindle World Novella is out now and you can check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016P3A5XC/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb


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But today we are gonna ask Laurie some incredibly stupid questions about the writing life and HOAKA MOONSHINE, which is one da kine, really hot read!


1. Hi Laurie, what’s your favorite cocktail? I’ll have the cabana boys whip one up for you while I ask you some stupid, I mean important questions.

 A margarita with the best quality tequila you’ve got. I’m picky that way.
2. You can be picky. We have excellent tequila. Now. Do you write naked?
Never. I have a fourteen-year-old son who walks through here periodically, usually with friends.
3.  If you were about to be executed, what would your last words be?
Adonai eloheinu, adonai echad
4.I had to Google that and I feel guilty now for asking you the naked question *hangs head in shame* adonai eloheinu adonai echad is a Hebrew prayer meaning The Lord is our God, the Lord is one. Now, getting back to stupid, which is what I do best… If you managed to escape execution but ended up stuck on a deserted island, what books would you want to have on hand? Excluding your own of course?
A Jewish book of prayer, a Hebrew/English Bible, and a Bible concordance
5. What? And none of my books??? Kidding! Now… You’re stuck on the deserted island after your uber-pilot forgets to come back for you. Name six people alive or dead that you’d like to be marooned with…and your fantasy castaway meal.
 First off, I don’t think I’d want to be marooned with a dead person. If I choose people I like, I am dooming them to a terrible fate? Or maybe this is supposed to be a fun fantasy, like Gilligan’s Island. So let’s go with: my husband David for obvious reasons, Rabbi Aronowitz to lead us in singing and prayer and lend an overall spirituality to the situation, the rabbi’s wife so he won’t get lonely, and Kerstin and Nelson Lampert for their good company and general survival skills. And, since dogs are people too, I want my dog Sage with me.
My fantasy castaway meal: Coconut water to drink, coconut meat, mango, papaya, lychees, and pineapple. Hopefully Sage will survive on an all-fruit diet.
Thanks so much for being such a fantastic sport, Laurie!
HOAKA MOONSHINE is available now on Amazon – here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016P3A5XC/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb
When Dee Maltin bought the little beach cottage on Maui, all she wanted was to leave her memories behind. Now, fifteen years later, things are starting to go awry. Why does everyone else deny hearing the feral cats that keep Dee awake all night? What’s the smell that permeates her house no matter how much she scrubs? Why does her strange neighbor, who hasn’t spoken to her in all these years, choose this moment to strike up a conversation? A woman shows up at Dee’s door looking for her birth mother. Is she a con artist, or just deluded? Dee searches for answers and is soon over her head in one big Hawaiian-kine mystery.
Book Excerpt:
          It started as a low moan, then rose to a raspy chorus that might have been born of intense pleasure, or pain.
 “Danged cats,” I said under my breath. “They’re enough to wake the dead.” I rubbed my arms, trying to shake off the chill that shot down my spine.
Nai‘a ignored me. The little black and white terrier’s eyes were locked on the screen door. Her hair bristled, her lips quivered as they pulled back to reveal sharp fangs. She let out a low growl. This was more than the indignant yapping she reserved for the neighborhood cats.
A glance at Simon told me he hadn’t heard it. He lay sprawled across the couch, headphones firmly in place, engrossed in that online game he liked to play till the early morning hours.
As I shut the front door and turned the deadbolt, I caught a whiff of something slightly foul. How long had it been since Simon last showered and put on clean clothes?
 “C’mon, Nai‘a girl,” I said. “Time for bed.”
“Ma! Open the door!” Simon demanded. “I already sweatin’ like one pig.”
He took a swig of beer and slammed the bottle onto the coffee table. His hand slid into a bag of Cheese Puffs. He shoveled a handful into his mouth, wiped orange crumbs onto his shirt, brushed them onto the couch. All without taking his eyes off the laptop. His version of multitasking.
Nai‘a trotted down the hallway, looking over her shoulder to make sure I followed. She knew the routine.
I locked the bedroom door behind us and started to undress in the dark.
“Ma!” The thin wall did nothing to muffle Simon’s yell. “I told you, open the door!”
I didn’t answer and he couldn’t be bothered to keep on yelling.
The closed room was stifling, but I made sure the sheet covered every inch of my legs.  Nai‘a curled up beside me.
It wasn’t five minutes before another drawn-out yowl brought Nai‘a to her feet. A warning rumbled in her throat.
The cat had to be right in our backyard.
“It’s okay, Nai‘a,” I whispered. “It’s just a cat.”
But if I didn’t know better, I’d almost swear it was a baby crying.
Nai‘a lay down and pressed against my side. She tensed at every noise.
The ceiling fan whirred above me. Its tick-tick-tick sounded like an old-fashioned wall clock marking the seconds, while the cats carried on outside.
Laurie Hanan
Author of the Louise Golden Hawaiian mystery series
Visit my Amazon author page


  1. Looks like another awesome Lei Crime Series book. Thanks!

  2. Wow, reading this now, I guess I was in a totally serious frame of mind when I answered the questions! I’m not always that serious! Thanks for the fun interview, AJ.

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