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Stories by Sean Michael, K-lee Klein, Hurri Cosmo, K.C. Kendricks and A.J. Llewellyn

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Sean Michael: A Cowboy Out of Texas

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Sam Hawker’s fall off a bucking bronc at an event in Canada has left him both physically broken and financially broke and in a hospital with his leg in traction. Between worrying about how he’ll pay his medical bills and not being able to move, he’s going more than a little stir crazy.

Easy on the eyes, Pat Bouchard is the nurse assigned to Sam for his stay at the hospital, and the two men get to know each other as Pat cares for and entertains Sam. They grow even closer when Pat offers Sam a place to stay while he recovers.

What are they going to do when Sam’s all better and doesn’t have a reason to stay in Canada any longer?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Western (Modern Day)
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)

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PearlsPorchesPeanuts (1)

A.J. Llewellyn: Pearls, Porches and Peanuts

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2258-Pearls-Porches-And-Peanuts.aspx

MacIntosh “Tosh” Tanner has had the worst year of his life with the cancellation of his TV series, Cowboy County, and a former business manager stealing his money. And now his boyfriend’s dumped him, too. He fears for his future until he receives an unexpected surprise. He’s inherited a massive, rundown ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, from a fan. It’s worth over a million bucks. Discovering he shares this bizarre estate with another beneficiary, he wonders who it could be. Anyone would be great as long as it’s not his archenemy, Dagan Rucker.

Dagan, Tosh’s former co-star, was also swindled by the same business manager, but over his lengthy career, he invested in a lot of property. Settled in Topanga, the real cowboy heart of L.A., he bought the area’s first-ever working ranch and turned it into a bed-and-breakfast. He’s happy with his life, but lonely, and thinks about Tosh often, ever since they shared a scorching encounter five years ago. He’s tried for so long to work things out with Tosh, who refuses to even consider the possibility of them being together.

Can anything change the way Tosh feels about Dagan?

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Western (Modern Day) / The Arts / Romantic Comedy
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (24k words)


Hurri Cosmo: A Place to Belong

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2259-A-Place-To-Belong.aspx

Logan Perry is offered a job caring for an elderly lady in Texas, a thousand miles from his home in Iowa. Since he has been looking for a place to hide, this seems the perfect opportunity to escape. All he wants is a roof over his head and food in his stomach, so moving into the amazing McFarren Manor is all he needs.

Bradley McFarren is looking only for someone to care for his aging grandmother. Too busy with the family’s multi-billion-dollar Real Estate firm, he just doesn’t have time for more. And with no personal life to speak of, Bradley has kept his heart safe. As long as Gail, his beloved grandmother, is cared for, that’s all he needs.

But what both men’s hearts truly desire is a place to belong. So for Logan and Bradley, thus begins the journey of a love that will not be denied…a love bigger than the state of Texas.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (20k words)


Ride Your Luck: K.C. Kendricks

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2260-Ride-Your-Luck.aspx

Regan Oakley’s luck ran out. After a stint in rehab, he’s putting his life back together without the booze. What he thinks is an old friend’s charity is really a plea for help. There’s trouble at the Bar RC Ranch and the friend’s son is in the middle of it. Regan takes one look at Wythe Carver and knows that young man isn’t the only one with his world turned upside down.

Wythe Carver’s life took a strange turn. Suspected of murdering the ranch foreman, he’s hanging on, one day at a time. The person who could alibi him has disappeared and Wythe can’t find him. To make matters worse, his prize stallion is loose on the range. Complicating his life even more, his father called an old friend to come help out at the ranch. One look at Regan Oakley is all Wythe needs to know it’s going to get hot at night.

Regan sets out to find the truth of what happened that night at the Bar RC. He’s sure Wythe is innocent, and he’s just as sure he has no business getting involved with the boss’s son. With no solid proof to clear Wythe, Regan needs to ride his luck to get to the truth and keep Wythe by his side.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Western (Modern Day) / Suspense / Thriller / Exhibitionism / Public Places
Heat Level: 3
Length: Extended Novella (31k words)


K-lee Klein: Unwanted Hearts

Purchase Link: http://www.amberquill.com/store/p/2261-Unwanted-Hearts.aspx

(Part of the Unbreak My Heart series)

Brett Taylor has no complaints about his life. He has his man JT, his health, and a positive outlook on the future. He does have one problem, though. He doesn’t have a clear plan for what he should do with the ranch he inherited from his former lover.

When an unexpected and heart-tugging situation is dropped in his lap, he discovers there are more futures to be considered than just his own. With disclosures, both good and bad, from both his mom and his long-time ranch foreman, and unbridled support from JT, he makes a decision that will change not only his life, but other innocent lives in desperate need of Brett’s and JT’s special brand of love.

Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Western (Modern Day) / Series
Heat Level: 2
Length: Novella (23k words)

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