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 Today we’re going to meet the truly awesome BAILEY BRADFORD, best-selling author of some TRULY DELECTABLE M/M novels!

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Keep reading to see just how fabulous BAILEY BRADFORD really  is! I mean, she answered ALL my STUPID QUESTIONS!!!

Yeah, baby! It’s Tiki Time!

  1. Hi Bailey, what’s your favorite cocktail? I’ll have the cabana boys whip one up for you while I ask some really stupid…er, I mean informative questions.

First, thank you for having me here today, AJ. I appreciate it.

As to the cocktails…Well, I’m good with most booze, but lately I’ve been on a quest to find the best margarita. This has required a lot of case studies, comparisons, and so on. However, I also love a good amaretto anything, and Peach Bellinis are kind of amazing. If it’s cold, sweet, and yummy, I’ll drink it. But, if the cabana boys can whip me up a few margaritas, that’d be great, thanks!

  1. Mmm…peach bellinis! What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Do you still love it?

I’ve never been a huge TV viewer. When I was a kid, we were sent outside to play, and that’s what we did pretty much from the time we’d finished breakfast until we came in for dinner. I can’t tell you the number of times my mom would hand us lunch and we’d eat it outside while we played. Our imaginations were always running as wild as we did, and it was fantastic. That being said, I loved Bonanza when I got to watch it, and Bugs Bunny. I don’t know if I’d still like Bonanza, but I do still love Bugs!

  1. I love Bugs, too! What was your relationship with fantasy as a child?

Fantasy and I were like this *crosses fingers* We had a lot more imagination than toys, which worked out well. I loved reading—Louis L’Amour was my dad’s favorite, so he was mine, too. I read everything I could by Anne McCaffery and Piers Anthony, Douglas Adams, and several other sci-fantasy, and horror authors. Stephen King fascinated me, and when I discovered Tanith Lee I was thrilled. 

  1. Do you write naked?

I write any way I can 🙂

  1. I suspected that about you, Bailey! This leads me to my next question. You’re stuck on a deserted island after a three hour tour that goes awry. Name six people alive or dead that you’d like to be marooned with…and your fantasy castaway meal.

I’m not super-adventurous here, and now I’m going to have to rethink taking a cruise with the Hubs for our anniversary, because getting marooned wouldn’t be my idea of fun, unless I happened to have WiFi and my laptop…Then I wouldn’t really be marooned, would I? But yes, fantasy marooning—I’d want my family with me more than anyone else. I am very family oriented. My mom, my oldest daughter, her husband, their two children, my teen daughter, my Hubs, we all live in the same house. I’d have to take them all! And my pup, PNut. That’s more than six, but the grandkids are pretty little, so we can count them as one, right?

If it was people other than family, I’d want some of my favorite storytellers with me: Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, Les Stroud—someone needs to teach us survival skills!—Bruce Springsteen, because yeesh, I’ve had a crush on him foreverand he could sing for us all, so why not? And one of your cabana boys. I’m not picky about which, they’re all sweet and sexy—and they make fantastic margaritas.

Thank you again, AJ!

No, thank YOU Bailey! x


There’s more than one way to imprison a man.

Daniel Edmonds spent almost a decade in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After finally having his name cleared, he’d hoped things would get easier, but people still look at him like he’s a murderer, and talk about him in hushed voices as he walks past. When he discovers that he really can’t go home again, he has to decide what to do to survive.

Adapting to the outside world isn’t easy, especially for a man alone.

Fear of temptation to fall back into his old ways scares Daniel into near-seclusion. When given the chance to help his brother Duke and brother-in-law, Frankie, Daniel agrees. His pride takes a hit when he has to let them buy his plane ticket to Montana, but Daniel’s learning that family is more important than anything else.

That’s what he tells himself, although maybe he’s running, just a little, and not just trying to help Duke and Frankie. One thing is for certain—he doesn’t mind spending a little time on the Mossy Glenn Ranch.

Hector Gallegos works hard and keeps his head down. He hasn’t been interested in more than the occasional hook-up here and there. He’s growing tired of that lifestyle, though, after seeing so many happy couples—and one treble—at the Mossy Glenn.

When Dan Edmonds shows up to visit his brother, Duke, Hector can’t help but notice the man. Dan’s scarred face doesn’t dim the attraction that immediately flares between him and Hector.

Lust comes easy, but building something that will last is a challenge.

General Release Date: 29th September 2015


Daniel Edmonds sat with his hands dangling between his knees as he stared at Edward Atkins, his lawyer. Dan’s palms were sweaty and his pulse was racing so fast he felt dizzy, and had difficulty drawing a decent breath.

“Do you understand what I’m saying, Dan?” Edward asked. He held up a thin stack of papers. “Detective Warren has been found guilty of falsifying your records as well as your charges. Not just yours, but those of four other men and women from Hightower. You’ve been exonerated, just as I expected you would be.”

He should say something. Dan knew it, but there was a great, hot lump in his throat that was shutting off his air supply. The gagging sound he made when he opened his mouth was followed by gray dots that quickly covered his field of vision.

“Shit!” he heard Edward yelp, then there was a weight pushing down on the back of his neck.

“Put your head between your knees and breathe,” Edward said, loud enough to be heard past the roaring in Dan’s ears. “That’s it. Breathe in slow, hold it for a few seconds, then out slow. You can do this, Dan. I know it’s a huge thing, to be free from the criminal past you’ve been unjustly saddled with, but Rick and everyone at his exoneration foundation believed in you, and we knew this would be the outcome once Detective—well, he’s not a detective now—once Oliver Warren was exposed as the crooked cop he was. Between Internal Affairs, and Warren’s ex-wife and his former partner coming clean, this was going to happen. Don’t panic about it now.”

Edward didn’t understand. Dan had spent almost a decade in prison, charged with murdering a drug supplier over thirty bucks. Then there’d been the halfway house, and…and Dan was scared to be free. He didn’t know what to do or how to take care of himself.

“It’s going to be okay,” Edward said. “We’ll go after the police department and the state. This wasn’t a case of negligence. Warren deliberately framed people he didn’t like or those he was paid to get rid of by sending them to prison. Other people in the department were in on it. You’ll have a great settlement, enough to live on the rest of your life. It might take a few years, but with the Internet and the way social media can draw attention to a just cause, you’ll be fine. I’ve already got Martha setting up a GoFundMe for you. Sometimes those work great, so you might have some money soon, though I wouldn’t expect to get rich from it.”

Dan’s head was spinning as he tried to process everything Edward had said. He needed a minute or two of silence, but Edward kept talking.

“And Rick wants to meet you personally, set up some interviews and such. It’ll be great publicity for the foundation. Think of all the donations you can help bring in so more wrongly convicted men and women can be freed.” Edward’s earnest tone was unmistakable, just as his enthusiasm was. Those qualities made him a formidable attorney. At the moment, however, his words seemed to be weighing Dan down by the second.

“I can’t do interviews,” Dan mumbled, nausea making his stomach roll. His mouth watered and he clamped his teeth in a bid to keep from retching.

Edward squeezed his nape. “Don’t count on that. You’ve got a lot to take in and you’re feeling overwhelmed right now. I know you’ll want to help out the foundation after what it’s done for you.”

Dan shot up out of the chair and bolted for the office door. He made it to the restroom before he dropped to his knees in front of the first toilet he reached. As humiliating as it was, he vomited, knowing Edward had chased after him and was witnessing Dan’s moment of utter weakness. Thoughts racing, all Dan could do was let his body purge itself of breakfast.

Edward was there, patting his back, saying he was sorry for upsetting Dan, sorry for pushing. Those were all useless words that Dan knew meant nothing. Edward was a huge advocate for the Rick Jones Foundation for Freedom, which had been set up by a man—Rick Jones—who’d spent twenty-six years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit before being freed by a simple DNA test. Dan admired Rick, but he could never be him. Dan wasn’t that altruistic or good…or whatever the word was to describe a man who’d dedicated his life to seeing as many wrongs righted as possible.

Dan just wanted to figure out how to live his own life.

“I’ll stop bothering you about it for now,” Edward said. “I understand that a lot has happened in a short time. Most cases take longer to clear. If Internal Affairs hadn’t already been investigating Warren, and if his ex-wife along with his former partner hadn’t testified against him, we’d still be fighting for your exoneration. You might not think so now, but this is a very good thing.”

Dan got that. He just couldn’t freaking stop heaving and sweating, or slow his thoughts down enough to grasp one and focus on it.

“I tell you what. Let’s get you back to Clarence and tomorrow, we’ll talk again. I’ll come by there and give you a break from visiting me at the office. How’s that?” Edward asked.

Dan tried to nod. The floor tilted.

Edward grabbed him by the shoulders. “Hey, be careful. Maybe we should have a doctor check you over.”

“M’fine,” Dan forced out, clenching his hands on the toilet seat, unconcerned with germs or anything else then except for retaining a smidgen of pride.

“You don’t look fine.” Edward still held onto him. “I’m sorry I pushed. I tend to do that when there’s something I’m passionate about.”

Dan grunted and hoped that sufficed for an answer. He closed his eyes and tried to get a hold of himself. After another minute, with Edward being blessedly silent, Dan felt that he could stand up. He did so slowly, his legs shaking as he reached his full height.

Then an icy calm sank into him and Dan knew he’d be okay. He’d reached that spot before, where he was cold to the bone and nothing could hurt him—emotionally, at least. “I’m fine,” he reiterated clearly. He tugged on his shirt sleeves, then turned around, taking a wider step out than necessary so that Edward would back away. “Don’t bother Clarence. I’ll walk. I need to clear my head some anyways. Can’t do that if I’m having to talk to Clarence.”

Edward gave him a thorough perusal and clicked his tongue, reminding Dan so much of his own mother, oddly enough, that he could almost picture her standing there instead of Edward. He hadn’t thought of her in a long time, and he didn’t want the painful memories now, when he’d just gotten his act together.

Author Bio:

A native Texan, I spend most of my days writing, wrangling pups, kittens, grandkids, and one teenage daughter whom I homeschool. Things are pretty hectic all the time, but hey, never a dull moment, right?

I have 17 tattoos, a silly streak a mile wide, a short fuse, a quick smile, and I love being outside when the heat won’t kill me. Hiking in New Mexico is one of my favorite ways to relax.

I don’t like leaving anything undone, but I don’t let the little things make me cranky.


If there’s anything specific you’d like to know, please email me at itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com

Contact Links:

Email: itsbaileybradford@yahoo.com

Website: www.baileybradford.com

Blog: www.baileysplayroom.blogspot.com

Twitter: @BaileyBFun4Me

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bailey.bradford.9

Pride-Publishing Page: https://www.pride-publishing.com/index.php?route=product/author/info&author_id=114



  1. I Loved the interview and I look forward to seeing more of Bailey’s work! I like me some Cowboys too 🙂

  2. Love this series can’t wait to read the new book.

  3. You said Piers Anthony, gods is it possible to love you any more, lol?!?! Congrats & can’t wait to read this one.

  4. Okay gang, thanks for playing! MistyG won this book!

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