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 Today we’re going to meet the truly awesome CHRISTINE NOLFI, best-selling author of The Lei Crime World Series novels The Shell Seeker and The Shell Keeper, as well as many other amazing books that all went to NUMBER 1 on Amazon! 

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Keep reading to see just how fabulous CHRISTINE NOLFI really  is! I mean, she answered ALL my STUPID QUESTIONS!!!

Yeah, baby! It’s Tiki Time!

1. Hi Christine, what’s your favorite cocktail? I’ll have the cabana boys whip one up for you while I ask you some stupid, I mean ridiculous… no, no, I mean very important questions.
Dirty martini, Grey Goose, blue cheese olives. Yum!
2. I adore blue cheese olives! What was your favorite toy growing up and do you still have it?
My favorite toy has always been the crazy grey matter swimming around in my skull. I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t cooking up stories. In childhood, I convinced the neighborhood kids that fairies left pots of gold hidden around the street–we merely had to find them. I also convinced myself I could fly, a la Peter Pan, and nearly leapt from Bobby Cooper’s treehouse on more than one occasion. I also convinced Bobby he could do the same. He grew up to become a fighter pilot; I’m still convinced I can fly, and have managed not to break my legs.
3.  I believe you can fly, too Christine! Do you have any weird writerly rituals? Do you need to burn candles or sacrifice virgins or anything before you start?
Of course. The words won’t arrive unless I succumb to a high caloric feast, something like high-fat yogurt followed by the chocolate covered macadamia nuts my husband *thinks* he hides from me. This ritual is then followed by the afternoon ritual of working out at the gym, and wondering why so much of me jiggles when I run on the treadmill…
4. You’ve written two books about Lei Texeira now. And both are paranormals. Have you ever seen a ghost? Has she? Did either of you scream?
I’ve seen a ghost and been saved by an angel but, sadly, no one has invited me on a TV show to chat about it. The ghost appeared at the bottom of the stairwell while I was caring for my grandfather as he neared death. No screaming, but I did quicken my pace. The angel–unseen but certainly felt–clamped a hand on my shoulder as I was driving toward a green light. I slammed on the brakes as a truck barreled through the red light.

5. I think there is a book in this… Now, imagine you’re stuck on a deserted island after a three hour tour that goes awry. Name six people alive or dead that you’d like to be marooned with…and your fantasy castaway meal.

I’m marooned with Isaac Newton, Mahatma Ghandi, Shakespeare, my husband (for laughs), and authors Geraldine Brooks and Sue Monk Kidd. We keep the conversation flowing with lots of Starbucks, Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia rose wine, lobster with drawn butter, grilled asparagus and red peppers, french bread and more lobster with drawn butter. Oh. And cheesecake for dessert. 
The Shell Seeker SYNOPSIS:
In South Carolina, there’s more than magic in the air. Now policewoman Lei Texeira must solve the case of the Pirate Necklace. The famed emeralds, spirited in the 1700s from the pirate Blackbeard’s ship, have been snatched once again. This time, the bling was taken from Marie-Therese Belvedere, a woman whose cruelty is only topped by her arrogance. Lei doesn’t care for the icy socialite, but she feels an instant connection with the woman’s stepdaughter. An unlucky star has followed Sydney Belvedere her entire life. If the necklace isn’t found, she’ll lose a treasure more dear than the finest gem. Only the magic of Lei’s intuition stands between Sydney and unspeakable loss. 
The Shell Keeper SYNOPSIS:
In South Carolina, magic is as plentiful as sweet tea. Thanks to her aunt’s unwanted generosity, policewoman Lei Texeira has embarked on a vacation—of the supernatural sort. She’s staying on the beach in a frothy mansion that resembles a baker’s confection. Pixie, a Southern belle with enough bling to open a shop on Rodeo Drive, manages the place. When Pixie reveals a local woman reputed to have psychic powers wants to meet Lei, the invitation is anything but welcome. What Lei discovers about the sorcery of belief, and the love promised to her future will begin to heal wounds she’s carried for far too long. 

 You can find the wonderful Christine Nolfi here:

Website: http://christinenolfi.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/christinenolfi
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Christine-Nolfi/e/B004XW5XC6/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1374883930&sr=8-1


  1. I absolutely loved both novellas, so honored Christine came to play in the Lei Crime World and bring her unique voice to the party!
    Thanks for hosting and giving away books, AJ!

  2. Well, I loved the first one so I am sure I would love this one also!!!! Christine Nolfi is a good writer and I have enjoyed all the books I have read so far! Pick me for a freebie!!! LOL

  3. AJ, many thanks for the zany questions and the invitation to stop by your blog. Much appreciated!

  4. Both excellent books for the Lei Crime series.
    Great, fun interview!

  5. I love these interviews you do. Great questions, important things to know about an author. I’ve read a few LKW novellas, but haven’t read Christine’s yet. Would love the adventure! (Been catching up on Toby’s romance series!)

  6. Fabulous interview … and such probing questions! Christine, may I invite myself for one of those meals on that deserted island? Love all the books in the Lei Crime Kindle World!

  7. I won last week so I don’t expect to win this week but had to comment. I love these questions!BTW Christine, I function best on high calorie food too!

  8. Hi Toby, Thank you 🙂 I love doing these interviews.
    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  9. I’m reading the Shell Keeper and I’m enjoying it. Christine has a unique way of writing and it makes it quite enjoyable!

  10. Great interview! Maybe, Christine, you can teach me to fly, too.

  11. Thanks for commenting everyone and this weeks winner is…tiki drum roll please…PATRICIA SANDS! Aloooha!

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