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What inspired my book…

 In spite of my passion for the Hawaiian Islands and my lengthy time spent there, I had no idea about the Wizard Stones until a few months ago when I stumbled upon them on Waikiki Beach.

And then I became obsessed.

Legend has it that Nā Pōhaku Ola Kapaemāhū ā Kapuni, or Stones of Life, or, as they are often called in Hawaii, the Wizard Stones, are the living legacy of four powerful Tahitian healers who once lived in Waikiki in the year 1500. The wizards came from Moa’ulanuiakea on the island of Raiatea, long before the reign of Kakuhihowa, beloved chief of the island of Oahu during that time.

The fame of the healers spread as they traveled throughout the islands, performing their miraculous cures. They all missed home however and longed to return to Tahiti, so they asked that two stones be placed at their Ulukou residence—the early name for Waikiki—and two at their favorite bathing place further east on the same side of the island. Four huge boulders were quarried from the hilly town of Kaimuki. On the night of celebration for the God Kane, thousands of people helped carry the stones to Ulukou. Incantations, fasting, and prayers lasted a full cycle of the moon. The healers then invested their names and mana, spiritual power, into the stones before returning home.

Little is known about what happened to the stones after that, but like the ‘fallen idols’ of Hawaiian religion, the Wizard Stones became forgotten relics with the arrival of western missionaries. They were unearthed in 1907 on the Waikiki Beach premises of Princess Kaiulani. In 1910, her father, Oahu’s Governor, Archibald Cleghorn, directed in his will that the stones remain on the property, which was to be given to the city. The stones were once again forgotten, however, unearthed again in 1962 when restoration began on the Princess’s massive beach estate.

In 1980, the stones were moved ten yards from their original site, Waikiki Bowl, to their present location. In 2007, they were raised onto a paepae, stone platform, and an ahu, altar, and fence were built to honor and protect them after centuries of abuse.

The largest stone is estimated to weigh seven and a half tons.

These stones go unnoticed by most tourists to the island of Oahu, but are eventually seen by those drawn to the power and magic of Hawaii. The events herein are however, fictional. It is just my wild imagining that one of the wizards, whose power is contained in the stones, would rise from the sea to claim it… or is it?

 A Wizard in Waikiki – book 1

Konu’s power lies in four sacred stones in Waikiki. Summoned from the past, Konu must reclaim his power for the freedom to live—and love.

On a hot day in Waikiki, beachgoers are stunned when a tall, handsome man rises from the ocean. Striding naked to a small, ringed enclosure containing four huge stones most tourists never even notice, he becomes visibly upset. These are Wizard Stones, positioned between the beach and the foot traffic on Kalakaua Avenue. Konu, the naked man, is agitated by a young Asian girl draping her beach towel over the stones. He’s come a long way, from Tahiti, and is one of the ancient wizards whose power was infused into these sacred stones four hundred years ago.


With the invisible battle between good and evil raging, Konu has been dispatched to help balance the power. Landing in modern-day Waikiki, he’s stunned by the changes – and to find he is alone. A cop tries to arrest him for indecent exposure but the young girl’s grandfather –  who thinks Konu’s a homeless lunatic offers him refuge. Will the ancient forces of evil beat this wizard in Waikiki? Or can Konu find his power again, and perhaps…even love?

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