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By Hurri Cosmo

Cowboys are hot.  Always.  I have forever loved the hat and the cowboy boots and honestly, a cowboy rarely needs anything else. However, tight jeans and sweaty pecs can only add to the perfection. Additionally,I have always been in love with the big tough guy who is mature enough to know exactly what he wants and goes after it no matter what.  Someone who is strong enough to not only make a flighty, wounded man submit but so very much more strong enough to allow himself to be vulnerable.  It was the man I imagined Colton West to be.  Big, confident and gorgeous. Who better to portray that kind of man but a gorgeous cowboy?  However,Colton didn’t emerge as a cowboy.  At first I imagined him as some random manager or business owner because Colton could not be anything less.

I did know who Jake was though. Needy without realizing it, strong but somewhat knowledgeable about the fact he wanted to be overpowered.  Not forced, but driven, roped and corralled.  Even thoughJake knew that about himself to some degree he had yet to meet the man who could completely bring that side out in him.  Alan had been safe for Jake because Alan was all about Alan and Jake didn’t need to go exploring that side of himself that needed someone else to be in control.

Jake was always Colton’s counterpart.  Being who Jake was his job had to be an assistant to some big, confident guy, and as easy as it would have been to make the boss Colton, surprisingly, he wasn’t Colton.  Beyond that, Jake gave no more information about Colton than I already had because Jake was a co-dependent who was only happy when following the rules.  He loved the strict box he lived in created by his own imaginings and since he hadn’t met Colton yet, how could he know who Colton was?  The fact that Jake was strong in his own right made figuring that out even that much more difficult.  So the only thing I could do was put Jake into a situation he needed to be rescued from and hope Colton would show up.  And he did.  But not like I expected him to.  A broken down car in the middle of nowhere doesn’t scream cowboy.  Having Jake and Alan cutting across private property didn’t either but suddenly Colton’s minions were charging across the plainsriding on horses, cowboy boots and Stetsons securely in place!  Honestly, I had no idea that would even happen. But once it did, suddenly Colton was there in all his awesomeness and the story could finally begin.

I love that when a work in progress that sits in queue waiting to be finished finally takes on life only when it is ready.  I have constantly had trouble accepting that but I swear, it happens every time.  Pushing a story for me never works and when this one took off, it finished not two hours later.

I hope you give it a shot.  I loved writing this story.  I think you will like How West Was Won, too.



Broken down on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere, Jake has only himself to blame. Stupidly deciding to use precious vacation time to come and rescue his former boyfriend, Alan, was only his first mistake.

Jake is on a much needed vacation when he receives a desperate call from Alan, his former boyfriend. Against his better judgment, Jake comes to Alan’s aid. Now, they are stranded in the middle of nowhere, where cell towers aren’t in great supply, because Jake let Alan navigate with an old map, thereby finding “this awesome shortcut”. Ha! Now the idiot is determined to get to town before the sun goes down rather than spend the night in the car. Not only that, but he insists they cut across private property to do it. Since it’s trespassing, they could get arrested–or surrounded by cowboys all hell bent on teaching the trespassers a lesson.

Thankfully, a very muscular, stunning cowboy named Colton shows up to save the day. However, he’s not about to let Jake off easy either. Seems there are still a few lessons to be learned, and it looks like they might involve leather, some hand cuffs, and a suspiciously high, padded trunk


“I thought I told you to wait quietly!”

Startled, Jake swung around. Colton stood at the door he had come in from, hands on those powerful hips, thick legs spread apart, looking stern and pissed. Shit. That even looked sexy. “I… just…”

“You just what? I thought you said you were obedient. What should you have done?”

“I-I should have…” Crap! His heart was doing ridiculous things and his cock was taking very interested notice at the tone. He hoped it wouldn’t matter. Colton had already seen his bulge anyway. He dropped his chin to his chest. “I should have stood inside the door and waited.”

“And waited what?”

Blink. “And waited, sir.”

“Seems punishment is in order before we get to work.”

Jake caught his breath. “Pun-punishment… sir?”

“How else will you learn? You obviously need training.”

Jake swallowed hard. What was going on here?

“And lessons begin now. Come here.”

Jake did not dare to look up at Colton. He only obeyed the command. He took the necessary steps to stand in front of the large cowboy.


Jake shot a look up at Colton. “What?”

“You heard me, boy. Are you questioning me? One thing I do not like to have to do is repeat myself.”

“No, sir! I mean, yes, sir! I mean…” Oh fuck. He was back to being so hard he was dizzy. The blood had rushed south so fast it was a wonder he could think at all. But thinking was not something he truly had to do right now. The only thing he needed to do was get naked. Was this amazing man gay after all? It didn’t matter. If he was going to get punished, even by a straight guy, as long as he was naked, he didn’t care. He quickly shed his clothes, tossing them to the floor.

“Now put your hands behind your back with your legs apart so I can get a look at you.”

What? Get a look at him? He was gay! The gods were not only smiling on Jake tonight, they were fucking beaming!

Colton walked slowly around Jake. On his second time around, he reached out and pinched one of Jake’s butt cheeks. Jake flinched and cried out. “Quiet, boy. I’ll tell you when I want to hear your moans.”

Moans! Oh fuck, the man was going to do things that would make him moan! He cringed, trying desperately to stay in control of his out-of-control cock. If he wasn’t careful, he would be coming all over this clean barn floor before the party even started.

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  1. OMG cant wait to read it!

  2. Congrats, Hurri! 😀

  3. Hi, I love the premise of this story especially as it has cowboys, a bit of light bdsm, a stong hero/cowboy who is not afraid to show his dominating side, a needy character who has finally found the man (or the sub whisperer) to dominate him – hopefully a romance as well 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win one of your titles, especially a cowboy tale.

  4. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of Hurri’s new book, a cowboy tale with light BDSM, a sub whisperer, a hero in need of dominating, a hero that needs to be dominated, a bit of romance, what else can a reader ask for 🙂

  5. Having been raised in Oklahoma i love cowboys. I love their enrgy and their manlyness. Your post is a wonderful read. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to get the book.

  6. This is why Cowboys are yummy.. something about tight jeans cowboy boots and leather chaps….. PLEASE Enter me into to win please please please please


  7. This is a new to me author. I would love to win a copy as I haven’t read this one :)and I look forward to reading.

  8. This is why I love Cowboys… Leather, chaps, Tight jeans… Shivers!!!! I tried to post earlier and it didn’t show up so this is a repeat….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE enter me into the contest I would be please to read your new book Hurri!!



  9. Hurri, thanks so much for your awesome blog. People have left comments but they are not showing up. Will rectify this ASAP!

    xx AJ

  10. What an eye catching cover. Can’t wait to read the book

  11. I love to read cowboy books. The book cover is Stunning.

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