Back to School – You Could Win $100

By A.J. Llewellyn

I’m participating in a blog hop featuring a ton of great authors. I’ll make some fascinating points…or attempt to anyway, and all you have to do is comment for the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

It’s that time of the year when my brothers, cousins and assorted friends heave a sigh of relief and return their kidlets to school. Me, I fret when my dog is at the groomer’s for a couple of hours. Thank God my cats don’t go anywhere!

We do, in our country sort of take education for granted. Right now, there are kids all over the world denied an education – especially girls – so in this new school year, let’s be mindful of our freedoms to learn, to read, to write and to dream.

Having said that, I am offering up two FREE e-books. One copy of each of my upcoming re-released  Honeybone series books, Honeybone and Creed, newly updated, edited and with fancy-pants covers, coming to Amber Allure on September 5. There are two more books in the series, which will be released next year and then I’ll be writing more!

Dean Honeybone is a US Marshal who escorts a serial killer to Australia when their plane crashes. Only two people survive: Honeybone and Kaia Pendleton, a five-year old Aboriginal girl sitting in the seat across the aisle, whom Honeybone rescues.

When the dust settles, each body is recovered, except for the serial killer…is he alive? Is he dead? Honeybone, US Marshal won’t rest until he learns the truth.

I did a lot of research on these books and I love Dean and his emerging lover, Jean-Luc Sebastien. We could all benefit from the kind of loving Jean-Luc gives his man. Ah…at least he’s there in my dreams!

To qualify to win these books, simply leave a comment on this post. And don’t forget to enter the raffle for the $100 card – link below – and also please visit the blogs of the participating authors listed below:

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1. Allison Cassatta 8. V.L. Locey 15. Kendall McKenna – Love and Dog Tags
2. Tracey Steinbach 9. Eden Winters 16. Iyana Jenna
3. Remmy Duchene 10. P.D. Singer 17. Sharita Lira
4. A.J. Llewellyn 11. Madison Parker 18. Charley Descoteaux
5. Tara Lain 12. S.A. Garcia 19. Elinor Gray
6. DC Juris 13. Deanna Wadsworth 20. Morticia Knight
7. Jeff Erno 14. Sherrie Henry 21. H.B. Pattskyn



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21 Responses to “Back to School – You Could Win $100”

  1. I love the Honeybone series so I would love to have a chance to win

  2. I took advantage of affordable education and got a PhD. It was hard work, but at the top of my bucket list, so worth it!

  3. These books sound really interesting, I’m glad you are writing more because I think once I read them, I won’t want to stop at two! Thanks!!

  4. Back to school is a big deal here this year Her Royal Highness Pele Princess Trysta starts Kindergarden. While She did go to full day Preschool last year she gets to ride the big bus with her older sister Trinity (Do not ask me what possessed me to name my 4th child similar to my 3rd) She is also my last to go off to school… I also have a Senior this year.. she plans are to run away join a band in another state as soon as she is through.. This year is bitter sweet to me… I also have taken my education for granted like many others… I have tried to return to school so many times that it pains me to talk about it… The last time I was so close to finishing…. Anyways… I feel we as a nation need to stop taking for granted what others would so freely die to have…


  5. Would love to read these books.

  6. Thanks for reminding us of our educational privileges. Recently, in my hometown, thousands of children were bussed to outlying schools because their home schools failed accreditation. Right here, even today, access to a good education can’t be taken for granted. Thanks again!

  7. The stories sound really intriguing!

  8. That was a very enlightening post, AJ. I enjoyed reading it and learned something new.
    Thanks for taking part in the blog hop.

  9. Just hopping through. The books sound super!

  10. Your books sound interesting!


  11. Thanks for the hop.Sounds like a good read.

  12. Sound interesting

  13. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop giveaway!
    Your books look so deliciously good, and I can’t wait to read them..*S*
    My 2 children are both fully grown, and I have a wee grand daughter only 3.
    But I live in a small college town that will soon be over run with students..and that is truly busy time.
    Wishing you all the best..and continued success!


  14. Thanks for participating and the giveaways. I’d love to read your works. Please count me in.


  15. Got Honeybone, just working on completing the Mingo McCloud series at the mo.
    Havent had much succeess with these new electronic raffle processes so here’s hoping.

  16. I’m really enjoying this hop, it brings back great memories of long summer holidays then back to school at the beginning of September.

  17. I hope girls get to go to school more in the future.

  18. I look forward to those new fancy-pants covers, and the new books.

    emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  19. A.J., thanks for the reminder about how much we can take education for granted. There are kids out there walking for miles for some education, and girls out there who aren’t even allowed to go to school. Very heavy stuff. I always loved school, but I’m not sure in the current education system that I would have enjoyed it as much. I do think back on favorite teachers, and it was the ones who inspired me to be a lifelong learner (and reader) that made the biggest impact.

    Thanks so much for your post and your generosity with your books!

  20. Thank you for being part of the hop and the amazing chance to win .

  21. Thanks for participating! 🙂


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