Contest! Who Wrote the Sex Scene?

Okay kids, to celebrate our new release, Man in the Mirror, which is zooming up the charts at Silver Publishing: we are having a little contest right here, right now!

Read the scene below and guess who wrote it – me or DJ? The people who pick the right author will enter the draw to win a free ebook (winner’s choice for format) so good luck to all!!

xxx A.J. and D.J.


Excerpt from: Man in the Mirror


Troy took his opportunity and slipped inside the entrance. Quickly, he sprinted to the steps and ran up to the second floor.

Troytook out his leather mask and slipped it over his head. He knocked softly at the door of two-twelve, glancing around to make sure no one was coming down the hall.

Gregory answered the door.Troypushed his way inside and shut the door, locking it behind him. He looked around. What a dump! No improvement since the last time he’d stayed here—all the same, right down to the threadbare curtains and stained sheets.

“What in hell are you doing still dressed?” he barked, walking over and bringing the curtains together. “Get your fuckin’ clothes off now, you slut!”

Gregory quickly began to undress.Troyopened his bag. He took out a ball gag, handcuffs, cock ring, nipple clamps, and a scarf. He tossed them on the bed, one by one. He could see Gregory tremble in anticipation, as he checked out each article.

“Get on your knees on the bed!” he demanded.

Gregory did as he was told, all part of the games they played together. His cock was hard.Troyslapped it a few times. “I didn’t tell you to get erect.”

“Sorry, master.” He winced. “Aren’t you going to strip?”

“No. And don’t tell me what to do. I give the orders.”Troygrabbed Gregory’s cock and wrapped the strap around it. Then he gripped his arms roughly and forced them behind his back, snapping on the handcuffs.

Gregory almost fell forward on his face.

Troypulled him upright and slapped his face hard. “Stay still, fool!” He rolled his nipples between his fingers and clamped one then the other.

“Please,” Gregory begged, licking his lips. “Ouch. They hurt.”

“Good.” It had to look real. He stood back and smiled then went back to his bag and found the studded collar. He’d put that on later. He lifted the chains from the clamps to Gregory’s mouth. “Bite them. Pull up and feel the burn, baby.”

“Um, so good.” He closed his eyes, yanking a little on the chains in his mouth.

“Now, spit them out. I got a nice ball gag for you… and how ’bout I grease up a nice fat dildo for your ass? Ask nicely.”

“Please, master?”

“Say it.”

“I want a big, fat cock in my ass.”

“Um. Good.” He smiled, dangling the ball gag. “Open wide, slut.”

After securing the gag, Troy stroked his hair a few moments. He took his time greasing the dildo, running it across Gregory’s chest, touching his swollen cock with it, his nipples. “Lift up for daddy,” he ordered and placed the oily sex toy under him. “Sit on it, you whore. Pansy, pussy! Let your ass eat it, cop.”


12 Responses to “Contest! Who Wrote the Sex Scene?”

  1. I believe you wrote this A.J. Llewellyn

  2. Nice scene…I have a 50/50 chance here. My answer is DJ.

  3. So HAWT!!! I will go with DJ Manly as the writer of the above words.

    Pdf if I win please

  4. I am going to guess AJ wrote this scene. Super hot scene BTW!

    MOBI if I win please.

  5. I say my dear aj wrote it. But where the inspirations came from i don’t know.
    epub if i win.

  6. I am going with AJ… AJ has a toy Fetish and this kinda screams AJ to me

    PDF if you pick me please



  7. I already bought and finished my copy and loveeeeeeeed it even more than the first ONE. I just wanted to participate for fun. I think it’s DJ.

  8. I love contests!
    I think it’s AJ 🙂
    (epub or pdf please)

  9. I think AJ wrote this.


  10. Definitely AJ, hot scene!

  11. I think DJ wrote it.

  12. Thanks for playing everyone! The winner is…drum roll please, Cinders! Yes this excerpt was the fine work and demented mind of D.J. Manly! Your book is on its way! xxx

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