BLACK POINT is out NOW at Mojocastle Press!

The first of MANY of my re-released books written with the amazing D.J. Manly coming to Mojocastle Press is LIVE! For our readers who love these stories of Thomas and Matt, these books have been re-edited and more stories will be coming soon.

For those who haven’t read these much-loved tales yet, now’s your chance!

About the story…

Matt greatly admires Rose, the top male/male erotic writer in America. Just as Matt and Rose start to develop genuine feelings for each other via frequent emails and online chats, Rose sells her latest book to a big Hollywood movie studio.

Matt is as ecstatic as she is, but also increasingly shocked and bewildered by his developing feelings for this woman he has never met, because he is gay. Rose too, has sexual fantasies about the hot new writer who writes for the same publishing company, but it’s not confusing at all to “her”…she’s a gay male.However, Rose, a.k.a. Thomas, is sternly warned by her publisher not to reveal his true identity to the man he is falling hard and fast for.

It seems like an improbable romance … or is it true love? Will their dreams be fulfilled or shattered when they finally meet at a romance writers’ conference in Honolulu at the exotic, mysterious and utterly romantic BLACK POINT…

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