Cherish the love – TODAY!

Cherish, one of five hot and smokin’ stories released by Amber Allure today is about love, sex and that Kool and the Gang song.

by A. J. Llewellyn 

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-415-1 (Electronic) 

When Hollywood theatrical agent Daren Marlowe celebrates his thirtieth birthday with friends, he’s more than surprised when his best friend gives him a CD that is a revamp of the old 80s’ mixed tape. He’s even more surprised when he realizes it’s a re-gifted mixed tape. The first song on the CD is the syrupy Kool and the Gang classic, “Cherish.” When Daren takes it home, he has no plans to look at the CD again, let alone play it, but his new lover, Rafael, puts it on the sound system.

Daren gets to Cherish the love over and over and over again because the darned thing is stuck. Forced to close off the sound system entirely, he frets over being held hostage by the song and he’s not wrong. In a bizarre set of circumstances, Richard is assaulted and almost dies. Will he survive? Can Daren actually forge a viable relationship with the sexy and hypnotic Rafael—for as long as they both shall live—in a town where the men don’t always cherish their men?


Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / The Arts 
Heat Level: 
Length: Novella (29k words)

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