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A.J. Llewellyn tackles the sin of pride in ‘The Kaupe’

Dino Perez is a super-hot Hollywood makeup artist who is used to dating the most gorgeous men in town. When he meets the dynamic and sexy—but not very handsome—art dealer Alek Briatore, pride stops him from accepting him as a suitor.

Alek, not one to be easily discouraged, pursues Dino, following him and his three friends on their vacation in Honolulu. Then, while on a hike in a remote, mountainous bamboo forest, Dina is seduced by a wicked-handsome suitor, leaving him feeling faintly slutty. Their scorching sexual encounter is one he can never forget.

He doesn’t tell his friends what happened, particularly since Alek has become a well-liked part of their group. Obsessed with his mountain man, Dino sneaks back to the forest, hoping for another wild encounter. He gets it…in more ways than one. He discovers his lusty forest friend is a supernatural being—a kaupe—and soon learns that pride makes even the smartest man make extremely foolish choices…

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Sins of Spring anthology by Total-E-Bound

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