The Cross

The Cross is OUT NOW!

My new contemporary M/M tale is about a guy who goes home and must deal with the past…

Colin McDermott goes home to Sydney, Australia, to await his Green Card, which will grant him legal residence in the US. When the process drags on, he’s worried he’ll be denied, but he’s also financially stressed. He’s still paying his bills back in LA and coping with a sub-leased apartment in Kings Cross, the famed red-light district.

Forced to take a part time job in a Darlinghurst cafe, Colin comes face to face with the past he’d fled and the childhood he sought to forget. And there’s one other thing—he’s reunited with Ronan Hensley, the man he thought he could love until Colin shamed himself on a disastrous date ten years ago.

Can these two men rekindle their relationship? Can old wounds be forgotten and forgiven? As Colin walks the streets of the Cross—which, like him, clings to its shameful past—history comes back to life. He realizes so many things, but mostly that you can take the boy out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the boy…

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  1. can i get this book for a kendil?

  2. yes it’s available on Kindle at Amazon 🙂

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