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My story, Balthazar Starblitz is a steampunk-werewolf tale! Oh, my!

Balthazar Starblitz by A. J. Llewellyn  

When Flip McCabe spots an unusual ad in a magazine requesting a young man or woman to train in the fine art of tea service, he’s pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s still available. He needs this job—any job—desperately, but his new boss, Mr. Chen, will mysteriously tell him only to report for duty at Platform Thirteen at LA’s Union Station at nine o’clock the following morning.

Arriving in plenty of time, Flip becomes panic-stricken when he can’t find any such platform, nor is there a tea shop listed at the bustling railway station. Frantic to get to work, he stumbles across an old line on an outdoor platform and is catapulted in another era of the station somewhere else in time.

The elegant, old-worldly Mr. Chen dispenses tea and serious help for those who need it, but his frail body is no longer up to the dangerous escapades involved with murder, mayhem and steam trains. Flip is sent back to the past to help various famous, often wrongfully convicted criminals, and then plunged back to the present to find a man who needs not only his help, but his love.

But will Flip be able to aid the dynamic, exhilarating Balthazar Starblitz, a werewolf on the run from charges related to a series of grisly murders he did not commit?

Genres: Gay / Steampunk / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Action / Adventure / Time Travel

Heat Level:

 Length: Novella (23k words)

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