Pālehua: The Last Warrior Book 2 OUT NOW!

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Lio Paikai, reincarnated warrior of the lost kingdom of Hawaii, finds trouble in paradise. Big, bad trouble with the old island gods demanding a sacrifice from his family. Pālehua: blood sacrifice.

 Lio Paikai is adjusting to both his passionate, new relationship with his lover, Kord Ashley, and his status as ‘Ailani, the reincarnated, loyal warrior of the last king of the Hawaiian islands Oahu and Maui. Having severed his ties with his mother, Kalani, Lio grows closer to his father and his new family, but Kalani won’t leave them alone.

Violating a restraining order, Kalani is arrested. Hours later, when Lio accompanies his stepmother to a birthing class, a strange woman falls from the sky landing on the hood of his SUV. Old wounds and old curses open up, threatening to destroy his entire family. Lio must right an ancient wrong to appease the island gods demanding an immediate Pālehua: blood sacrifice.

For a HOT excerpt and/or purchase, please click this link: https://spsilverpublishing.com/palehua-ebook-p-1365.html?zenid=a014d88c440e2d2bc4801df00685a4c2

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  1. The Last Warriors series is awesome. Hope to see more.

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