New Beginnings

By A.J. Llewellyn

Hey Gang!

It’s a new year and I’m pleased to announce some big changes for me. A huge portion of my back catalogue came up for contract renewal but I have decided to let them lapse and the rights to these books have all reverted back to me.

My babies have come home!

I have new publishers and upcoming covers etc. for most – and am very excited to be doing new Phantom Lover series, Mingo McCloud series, Waikiki Vampires series stories etc. but will not be announcing anything definitive until contracts are signed – I believe it’s bad luck to do so 🙂

My many collaborations with the divine D.J. Manly – including the Black Point series (with new books) and Blood Eclipse will also have new homes…

Anyway, in the meantime, to celebrate, I want to let you know I will be doing some free stories in my Waikiki Vampire series and to kick this off, my lovely friend, gay porn director John Bruno gave me the astonishing gift of this cover for what I am calling the Waikiki Vampire Chronicles. The cover art features the simply divine retired gay porn star Leo Giamani. He could only look better if he had fangs.

These stories will appear for free on my blog starting this weekend so stay tuned!

As soon as I have firm release dates for the re-released books I will let you know. This is the best place to check, right here on and you can always email me. I love hearing from you guys!

Happy New Year and many blessings to you ALL,

Aloha oe (love forever),


9 Responses to “New Beginnings”

  1. Congrats AJ!!! I cant wait for the Free reads!!!!



  2. Thank you Silver! I can’t wait either! xo

  3. great news. does this mean there will be some changes to the books or just new publisher and cover? lydia

  4. Hi Lydia! Thank you for your comment and your question. They will mostly be the way they are now, but Molokai Man for example I will be adding sex scenes since it has none LOL and a few of the shorter pices (there are very few) might be expanded 🙂

  5. Congrats Hon…..I so can’y wait. Have been missing Div and Tem!!

  6. Div and Tem miss you too Dani!

  7. We all are winners when we get to see and have more of YOU . Looking so forward to all the passions your works make us feel and that you write so well

  8. Many thanks Mark. You are such a wonderful friend. So glad I have come to know you!

  9. Thank Goodness!
    I finally got my act together and pulled the data off the hard drive of my old computer and found Blood Eclipse, which I bought from Fictionwise YEARS ago. I read it in one sitting last night (despite of having a huge list of stuff to do) then spent nearly as long trying to track down the rest of the series. So I’m VERY glad to hear they are in the pipeline 🙂

    ps, have you ever considered audiobooks? They are fantastic – you actually get to leave the house without missing out on the story. You can also shop, drive, and function as a productive adult to earn money to buy more books 🙂 There are some great Narrators in this genre – you can hear samples of their work on!

    Thank you, Lj 🙂

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