It’s Our Party and We’ll Give You a Kindle Fire!

By A.J. Llewellyn

Yep You got it right! My fellow Midnight Seductions Authors and I are celebrating our group’s fifth birthday and we’ve dug deep to pool our resources to give one lucky reader a gift – a Kindle Fire!!

All you have to do is click the link below and enter your name to enter the draw. We are having a three-day blog hop so post comments on every participating author’s blog to qualify to win other cool prizes!

In the meantime I want to add a few words about birthdays and how I CANNOT believe I’ve been writing gay erotic romances for FIVE years! Seems like thirty! Naaaahhh…kidding.

In the five years I’ve been pestering you folks with my latest releases and Facebook posts (back when I started, MySpace was the king of social media) but anyhoo, I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, publishers come and go, authors good and bad come and go and I’ve seen cake.

Plenty of cake.

I do like to eat cake and I blame author Amelia June for once telling me that one should eat cake when writing sex scenes.

My brain refuses to let go of this idea. I dream of cake. Big, luscious gobs of gooey cake. I’ve tried eating fat free muffins. I’ve even tried my cousin’s recipe that involves flax seed. Let me tell you, unless you relish the idea of spending hours in the bathroom, don’t cook with flax seed.

I’ve tried candy. Fat free and otherwise. I’ve tried chocolate. It comes a close second to cake.

Damn you cake. I love you!

I don’t eat it often. Not as often as my tiny mind would like but judging by my girth my brain and body think I have. I go by the reward system as a way to ease my cake-free world. A cupcake for every 10,000 words I write. This has worked well but lately I’ve been sort of cheating myself. Yes. I confess. I’ll allow myself some sort of cake per thousand words. Yes, soon I’ll be the size of a house boat.

As for the kinds of cake I like, I must admit I don’t go for healthy stuff much (see above) and I am not much of a cake baker. Perhaps this is a good thing. I have to buy my cakes. I did at the suggestion of my friend, author Silver Pixies try the Martha White packet mixes.

Oh, dearie me. They work. They are tasty. My fork is ready. I even went online and Googled Martha White. She has a packet mix for blueberry coffee cake. Even a cake dunce like me can manage that! I see cake in my immediate future.

Damn you Martha White. You feed my addiction. I love you! Can you possibly rustle up a red velvet mix? I love everything else you have that I’ve tried. My love scenes depend on your response…

And what about you my darling readers, authors, friends, co-conspirators? How do you celebrate birthdays, word counts or anything else you consider a milestone? Do you love cake?

Please click the link here to enter the draw for the swell Kindle Fire!

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And please leave a comment to enter the draw to win one of my ebooks – reader’s choice!

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Party on!



28 Responses to “It’s Our Party and We’ll Give You a Kindle Fire!”

  1. Thats Easy.. I would love to win a change to met one of the handful of writers i call friend and who inspires me to greatness when not many others can. That would be the perfect GIFT to win

  2. Best birthday gift…zero calorie red velvet cake with vanilla cream filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yum!

  3. hey! Well Happy 5th Bday! HA! Party for cake. Like I need more cake. Just leaving comment for reader’s choice. Cool! Time flys when your having fun!

  4. The best birthday gift is spending it with family/friends, great food and of course Delish cake 🙂 thank you for a great opportunity to win a great pride

  5. Oops I meant prize..not pride ugh auto correct!! Lol

  6. I know this is supposed to be a happy moment…but I really am inspired by seeing our youth struggling to survive once they are thrown away due to.their behavior or sexual preference. When I reach my goals and accomplish what I set out to do my reward to myself is a jumping up and down spinning around type moment. Then I make fresh coffee and light a smoke. I know..bad me.

  7. Best birthday gift?

    A trip to Australia.

  8. I adore a good cake. Not those nasty ones that you sometimes find in the grocery store… no, I like the bakery cakes… you know the ones… the decadent deep chocolate with cherry filling or the powdered sugar icing ones where the icing is drizzled over a petit four and crunches and melts when you bite into it. Yum! My best birthday gift? A Kindle Fire! 🙂

  9. The best birthday gift I could receive would be the inspiration to write my own stories. I know if I could just capture one of those pesky evasive muses I’d get my wish but ahhh the little minxes are so quick!

    Maybe I can enlist the aid of family & friends? We can spend my next birthday running round the house with those fishing nets on poles we used as kids trying to catch one 😀 sounds fun! lol

  10. Hurrah! A great celebration indeed 😀

  11. Happy Anniversary, AJ. May you have many, many, many more years as a successful author. I love everything you have written so far.

    I am on a banana nut bread making kick right now. So easy and tasty and probably a least least calories than cake, lol. Not that I can eat either, my husband gets to enjoy it for me.

    Congratulations and keep up the hard work. It is loved and appreciated.

    Love Lisa.

  12. Best Birthday gift? A party with friends…AND a carrot cake! And maybe a small gift, well thought out, not expensive, maybe some nice pens.
    I love pens! Or a new Kindle! Oh, Yeah!

  13. I would celebrate with a traditional homemade whoopie pie and the ultimate gift would be a new kindle!!!

  14. My birthday is tomorrow! My family and I are going to a soul food restaurant with live jazz. I love cake, but this place serves pear cobbler! Oh so good. I usually buy myself an Electronic Treat, but I can’t this year. So I hope I win the Kindle!

  15. The best birthday gift I could get would be a Kindle Fire. It would feed my addiction. 🙂 My hubby refuses to buy me one. He says I read enough as it is.

  16. The best birthday gift? Holy crap, ask the tough questions, why don’t you!! LOL. For me the best birthday gifts have always been the things my loved ones make for me. Whatever it is, the love behind it always makes the gift just perfect. One year my daughter made me a certificate for five cups of tea, made by her, “for when I most needed them”… I actually cried over that one.
    A kindle would be nice, but another certificate would be amazing.
    ~~Cherie Noel

  17. Happy Birthday!Lol..I love cake..always have…always will..I like a lot of different cakes and yeah…avoid flax seed …lol…I don’t eat healthy cake – well unless you count the made from scratch not with a mix as a healthy…preferably something in the moist yellow with a nice chocolate icing…when I want to cheat…I either eat cupcakes (red velvet here I come) or brownies (I have a recipe for cake like brownies that are to die for!) Thanks for the party

  18. I’m horrible with Rafflecopter. Something always happens to make me crash! Love cake…hate to eat sugar. So the best cake is B’Day Cake, it known to be sugar free. I don’t want any opinions about that comment. Or differing opinions.

  19. I usually bake myself a fancy cake from scratch…I like to really think about it, and start researching a week or so ahead by looking through all my cookbooks. Lately, I’ve been going with a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting and cream cheese filling, usually with some chocolate shards on the top…


  20. Time with close friends, a nice meal, and pleasant conversation.

  21. Oh dear, I love cake. It loves me too. Stays with me a long long time 🙂 I have a recipe for a scratch chocolate sheet cake that is sooooo good! Its really easy too 🙂 Want it??

  22. LOL. I ALWAYS have to have at least some type of chocolate every day. So your a lot strong with your cake fetish! 😉 Congrats and Happy Birthday!!


  23. My choice would most definitely be a Can-Am Spyder (green and black please) – pretty please???

    Congratulations and may there be many more of these celebrations to come for you.

  24. Damn you. Now I want cake. lol The power of suggestion. Congrats on 5 years.

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  25. I used to love cake but now I cannot have any. Unless it is gluten free and they just are not the same. Congrats on 5 wonderful years.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  26. I love cake too so I try not to eat it all year long until my B-day – LOL However, my daughter just turned me on to a cake that is suppose to be less fating/less calories – get the cake at the store that is made with elite icing. It taste great.

    I love celebrating and one thing I always do on my special day is go out to eat – love mexican food with a nice giant size frozen margarita – then I go home and eat cake and get laid – oops that slipped out – LOL

    Anyway, Congrats on 5 wonderful years of writing.
    Queentutt’s World of Escapism

  27. Happy birthday to all of the MSA! I would love to meet all of you!

  28. I am not a big cake eater (but I do like the very cute one you have in the picture above)…I am more of a See’s candy person or chocolate chip cookies (with pecans)…congrats on the prolific 5 years of writing, may you have many multiples of that in your future.

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

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