WINTER HEAT, a piping hot collection of stories from some amazing authors and ahem, me, is OUT NOW! We are a group of authors who love men and belong to a group dubbed It’s Raining Men and this is the second antho I’ve been in and I’m stoked!

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Daniel B. Johns – Mirrors In The Attic

My name is Stanley Nelson and I am a psychic working with the Boston Police. My notoriety comes from a voice in my head. When evil threatens my life I run to free the only person who can help me, Luchien. Along the way, I meet Deke Bridges, a Nantucket handyman who harbors a secret that ties us together. Will good win out over evil? Can love survive no matter what the cost?

My name is Stanley Nelson…wish me luck.

Kimber Kahn – Fated

Home. Family. To most, those words bring thoughts of safety and joy. To Ryan Daniels, they bring guilt and pain. Returning to the place he grew up, the place he left behind, he finds something he never bargained for and didn’t know he was missing until the afternoon he bumped into Stuart Vaughn. Can Stuart be what Ryan needs to rearrange his perceptions? Are some things truly Fated?

CR Guiliano – Unexpected Winter

Abbott Wilson couldn’t believe he’d finally made the trek into the Arctic, above the Arctic Circle, in the dead of winter. A dream come true, a challenge to himself that he finally mastered. What he hadn’t counted on was getting trapped in a deep ravine and the masculine and gorgeous man that saved him.

But Iluak was as quiet as he was beautiful. Abbott was strangely drawn to Iluak, but the closer he tried to get, the stranger Iluak’s behavior became and Abbott wasn’t sure what to make of it. Then, Abbott pushed too hard and found himself in a waking nightmare. Or was he?

Julie Lynn Hayes – Son of a Preacher Man

Levi Thornton is the closeted gay son of homophobic televangelist Marshall Thornton. So what’s the perfect gift for the father who never cared? Levi’s going to find a yummy young man on Christmas Eve, fuck him all night long and six ways to Sunday. And then he’s going to out himself on live national TV on Christmas Day in front of his father and God and everyone else.

The problem is he’s having no luck at finding that special someone to share this moment with. Just when he thinks his quest is hopeless, in breezes Darjeeling Crane, and it’s off to the family hideaway for a night of fun. This will be a Christmas to remember, if Levi has anything to say about it.

Patricia Logan – Over the Road

When Trace Martin, Kyle Kincaid and Ryan Harris plan to take a winter getaway, they decide to try out RV camping. What better location to go in the dead of winter than Aspen, Colorado to hit the slopes. What they didn’t count on was what it would be like to be crammed into a tiny bed with a generator that doesn’t work. The boys have to resort to making their own heat and what better way than what works best. Join the lovers for the fun, sex-filled adventure into the snows of the Rockies and all the twists and turns of driving over the road.

Donya Lynne – Snowed In Truth or Dare

Rick’s life isn’t what he had imagined it would be in his mid-thirties. His wife is cold and resentful, his children treat him like a figurehead instead of a father, and his sex life is nonexistent. A hunting trip with the guys the weekend after Thanksgiving is just what the doctor ordered for him to reclaim his man card and give him back a sense of dignity. But when a blizzard snows in the four men, a game of poker turns into a game of Truth or Dare that’s anything but kid stuff. When the dares grow out of hand and the truth comes out about his three companions, will Rick succumb to temptation, as well as to his new feelings for his best friend? Or will he decide that his joyless marriage isn’t all that bad, after all?

Ike Rose – December’s Dilemma.

The Master of My Passion series. started in the story A Midsummer’s Night Pickup in the Hot Summer Fun anthology, continues. On their first Thanksgiving together as a couple, actor and singer Hans Rath discovers that complications can result from his being of a different faith than his older lover, world-famous playwright and author Theodore (Teddy) Behr. Pappa Bear is very proud of his Jewish heritage, and reluctant to celebrate Christmas in his home – the one he’s told his beloved Goldilocks is their home. Can they compromise?

T.A. Webb – His Name was Harley Manfield

They were the Three Musketeers and friends for almost twenty years. But when tragedy strikes the group, how will they be able to move forward this Christmas?

A.J. Llewellyn and Serena Yates – Cat vs Dog

C.A. Tallus has gone to Gay Ski Week in Aspen in search of snow, sex and…a dog? No. No. No.

C.A., or Cory to his friends, hates dogs. Hates them. Especially little ones, which are usually smarter than big dogs and know there’s something…unusual about Cory. And of course there is. He’s a cat shifter longing to get back into his natural state and run with the wind on top of the Aspen peaks.

When he meets Bryan Braun he senses something different about him, as well. Bryan’s no ordinary ski fanatic who’s been working too hard and in need of a break. Cory is certain Bryan is a werewolf. His natural enemy! Can a cat and a dog get along? Can they have fun in the snow? And beyond?

And what about the mysterious, big dumb dog accompanying one of the skiers for the raunchy week in the western slopes of the Rockies? What, or more to the point, who is Tank the dog and how did he and his human companion James become involved with deadly Scrimpers?

Sara York – Changing Currency

When Max put’s on his evening gowns and high heels, stripping away his masculine identity, changing into the gorgeous drag queen, Maxine the Devilicious, the fun begins. When he runs into his boss from the bank the game changes. Max has a secret and it’s about to come out, changing his life, changing his work, changing his everything.

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