Moby’s Dick is OUT NOW!!!

Moby’s Dick is out NOW at Silver Publishing!

Our thanks to gay porn director John Bruno for the fab cover!!

Purchase link:

Burke Matthews and his wily team of experts on board the salvage cargo ship, The Brigadoon, have hauled everything from Russian nuclear submarines to stranded catamarans. After having spent almost two weeks in the sunny port of Palermo, Italy trying to win the bid to salvage half a million gallons of oil from a distressed cruise ship half-sunk off the coast, Burke starts to worry about the trapped fuel in the ship’s hull.
As families of the missing passengers urge the country’s environmental minister to hold off the salvage as the search for their loved ones continues, Burke knows with each passing day, hope of life diminishes. There’s another problem too. The Bella Donna has crashed in the middle of a marine reserve and is on the verge of fatally contaminating the water that also goes to the main water lines for the entire Amalfi Coast. It’s an environmental disaster waiting to happen.
Allowed to drill finally, he is astonished to hear plaintive knocking from an engine room above. He breaks down the door to find a sick, but very handsome French Canadian waiter trapped for twelve days. Gabriel Bergeron is one of the sexiest guys Burke’s ever seen…and he soon learns as he visits the man in a local hospital, one seriously hung dude…

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