Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Slaves Chapter Twelve – this is IT!

How exciting but how sad! Our twelfth and final chapter of our wild, cyber-punk, vampire, paranormal, sci-fi, never-never romp is over. The final chapter is out today but have no fear. The divine D.J. Manly and I will be penning a few more Stride and Zero stories in the future.

Thank you to all our awesome readers for the wonderful emails about our strange new world and the wacky characters we created…and now, drum roll please…

Book twelve in the Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors Series

In this final chapter of Blood Slave: Nibiru Vampire Warriors, Stride and Zero find a home on earth…but can they ever find lasting happiness?

In this exciting, action-packed instalment, Stride and Zero are reunited, and Stride’s son is now a teenager who is questioning his sexuality. Things happen fast with the intervention of good and bad entities and an ancient Greek mythological deity.

The planet Earth is re-inventing itself as the three men take up residency in this strange new world. Forgetting the past is a natural human phenomenon, but for the vampire family, it’s a dangerous path to tread.

Zero finds his work as a star fleet commander comes in handy as he takes a job flying an air taxi. Stride too finds employment befitting his unusual skill set as the self-deposed king of the underworld.

However, death and danger still lurk and a surprising enemy threatens not only the small family, but all of humanity as evil begins its dark and ugly uprising. Who can they trust and can they survive this latest threat?

Reader Advisory:This book is part of a serial and is best read in sequence.

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