As a kid growing up in Australia, I was a bit obsessed with bunyips. Depending on who you ask, these legendary Australian creatures are real or imaginary…to me, well…read my new book to find out what I think!

Amber Allure’s Heavy Petting PAX Anthology was released today with sparkling, pet-related stories from Christiane France, KC Kendricks, Rick R. Reed, Deirdre and Me!

My story, BUNYIP, is a contemporary, romantic comedy with a paranormal twist. Check it out!


Forensic audio specialist Steve Maddox is a busy guy who has no time to date. Balancing a strenuous work schedule and time for his cat and dog, he’s ecstatic when his best friend, Silvana, organizes a gay speed dating event, bringing into his life the magnetic and handsome criminal defense attorney, Alexio Manolis.

The two men hit it off instantly, with sparks bouncing off the walls of the Petersen Automotive Museum where the event is being held. Their conversation crackles until Alexio says he has a pet—a bunyip named Norman. Steve feels a little stupid. What the heck is a bunyip? He has no time to ask, though, since he’s onto his next “date.”

Alexio, however, pursues Steve and the two men start dating. Meanwhile, Steve googles bunyips and discovers they are mythical Australian creatures of Aboriginal legend. It’s just impossible. Does this smart and sexy attorney really have an imaginary, violent pet? Or is “bunyip” slang for something else?

Alexio is tight-lipped and keeps putting off the meeting between Steve and his elusive pet. Soon Steve starts to worry when Alexio disappears into his basement all the time and has savage scratches on his body he says Norman gave him by accident.

Is Steve’s fantastic, hot new lover absolutely crackers, or does the cantankerous bunyip actually exist?

For a HOT excerpt and to buy it, baby, buy it! Please click this link:


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