by A.J. Llewellyn

When Theo went to Mykonos in search of sun, sand, and sex, he got more than he bargained for – immortality.

Theo Scully meets the man of his dreams on the gay-friendly Greek island of Mykonos at a time when Theo, deeply depressed over a breakup, believes he will never find happiness. Haunted at night by strange dreams of hooting owls, he can find no explanation for them, until he comes to know Stavros.

One of the most hypnotic, sexiest men Theo has ever met, Stavros goes from being charming yet aloof to ever-present, joining the strange owl in Theo’s dreams. Then a series of young men are found drained of blood washed up on the island’s beaches, and Theo begins to worry when the locals whisper of striges, ancient Greek vampires.

He has to fight his own disbelief even as he becomes more involved with Stavros, who seems to fallen deeply in love with him.

With the local islanders anxious to rid their Mediterranean idyll of the creatures of the night, Theo soon finds love is entwined with blood…Stavros’s blood.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains enticing descriptions of Greek island food, not to be read on an empty stomach.

Book Details
Genre Gay MM/ Paranormal/ Vampire/Owl Shifters
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