A Test of Faith

By A. J. Llewellyn

I had a wholly different blog planned today…but in hindsight, perhaps it isn’t so different. I’d planned to address the issue of faith and how everything we do daily, as writers tests our boundaries.
I think each thing we do with our lives really is an act of faith. 
Last night I had a discussion with a dear friend who agreed with me, saying how amazing it is that each time we get in our cars and hit traffic lights, it’s an act of faith that EVERYBODY will abide by the rules. How utterly astonishing it is that we all sit there waiting for the lights to change, Of course there are people who don’t, but that’s a whole other blog. Besides…
He’s right!
I find my notions of faith are tested constantly as an author and that was going to be my subject here…and then my dog was attacked by a pit bull this morning.
My elderly, frail, but valiant girl is doing fine though neither of us has stopped shaking. I believe divine intervention saved her.
Taking her for a walk every day and arriving home safely I suppose can be seen as an act of faith, but I refuse to dwell on fear or random acts of violence.
As an author, every day I work on writing, editing, promoting, reading, emailing, blogging…all of it geared towards reaching readers and other authors, sharing ideas, entertaining people (one hopes) and really, isn’t it all an act of faith?
I keep thinking how lucky I am to be published when not so long ago, I collected rejection letters and dreamed of actually selling something.
I love what I do but the whole process really is a beautiful act of faith. When it works, when it gels, how lucky we all are, and yet this very fragility of existence reminds me never to assume. Never take it for granted and never stop working my hardest to produce the best stories I can.
Each and every day, like taking my dog for a walk is a test of faith.
The one thing I realized as Venus and I stumbled home today is that I could honestly say if I had lost her today, I have cherished every second of being her doggie parent. I never want to live without her but one day, I will. If my life were a romance novel she would never be old, infirm and of course, she would never die.
I won’t take her for granted and will remind myself how lucky I am that there are medical advancements that have helped her live longer and more comfortably so we can be together. I think faith is fate in action. I don’t know how else to explain it except to say make the most of every moment, whatever it is that you are doing. It’s a lesson I keep learning.
But as ever, I roll with the punches and lead with my heart…
Aloha oe

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  1. Hi there,

    Was at the NOR chat with your writing partner and we were given your blog address (since I asked about the two of you co-writing, DJ said you had addressed that in one of your posts)…but I am horrified to read this post..hope you are both ok!

  2. Hi Elf
    Yes I wrote a blog for Reviews at Jessewave on collaborations. here is the link:
    Sorry I couldn’t be at the chat but so glad you got to hang out with my awesome partner, DJ!!!

    Thank you for your kind comment about this blog…yes my dog and I are fine. Thank you!
    Thanks for stopping by!

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