Back to Black

Back to Black is OUT NOW!!

Honolulu detective Quinn Novak has to enter another realm to find scorching-hot sex…how far does he have to travel to find true love?

Quinn Novak is a Honolulu Police Department detective working an unusual case. A string of robberies have taken place in homes tented for termites in the economically depressed town of Makaha Beach. A gang of thieves appears to be trailing pest control units, then breaking in…so Quinn is assigned watching over a particularly important dignitary’s home late one night. Quinn has a problem, however. He’s afraid of the dark.
He’s never told a soul and seems to be coping with his phobia until he spies two men breaking in and follows them, despite of the dangers of the pesticide—and the dark.
Once inside the house, he appears to enter another realm…one filled with hot men who want…him. Quinn has the most incredible threesome of his life, but then must leave the house. How the heck does he get back in? And can he? Now, suddenly, he wants to get back to black…back to the dark and the two men he left inside the house…can he ever find them again?

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