Dinner With a Hero


By A.J. Llewellyn

I was asked by the wonderfully talented author Silvia Violet to guest blog at her website as one of my characters on the subject of food. Silvia and I are foodies and frankly this idea totally intrigued me. One of my favorite series to write was the Waikiki Vampires and I still miss Div and Tem.

Being in Honolulu this past week evoked so many memories of elements in my stories, especially the food, that I had to blog from Div’s POV. I wrote it from my kitchen window looking out over the garden that inspires the one in the series. In my heart and mind I can see Tem, Clancy and Heavenly pulling vegetables from the garden as Div waits for his supper. He might not be handy in the kitchen but he always makes it up to Tem in the bedroom right after dinner.


Yes, my vampires eat and Div has a passion for exotic flavors. he is, after all, a tropical vampire in Waikiki. Please stop by and check out the blog and leave a comment to qualify to win a free ebook from the series.


Yum yum!


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  1. Thank you AJ. I’m honored to have you on my blog! xoxo

  2. I loved the Blog its an Honor to see Tem and Div again! I truly Miss those wacky Vampires


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