The Sins of Summer

By A.J. Llewellyn

With much of the US gripped in a rare and terrifying heat (Iowa officially reached boiling point today) it seems apt that I’m part of a new and spicy-hot anthology with my wonderful co-authors, D.J. Manly and Serena Yates. The Sins of Summer, coming to Total-e-Bound on August 1 is the first of four seasonal anthologies that addresses the seven deadly sins.
Several months ago I came up with the idea and pitched it to DJ who always listens to my hair brained schemes. He said, “I’m in!” We approached Serena Yates, with whom I’d co-authored The Cake and we were off and running.
With our first group of stories set in the summer , it didn’t take me long to pick my location – the Greek Islands or my sin. Jealousy.
I admit I’m a jealous guy. I’m jealous of my friend in Argentina who writes to tell me how chilly the weather is there when I’m dying of heat over here. I’m jealous of people who can eat and not gain weight. I’m jealous of John Barrowman’s husband (only half kidding. And I would willingly share John B. with D.J. who always calls him “our guy”).
Some years ago I had a boyfriend and I played amateur detective when he canceled a date. And I mean amateur. I got in my car, drove by his house with my best friend who thought she was cleverly disguised in a Santa Claus hat and to my horror, said boyfriend was standing outside his house in his boxers. The poor man was enjoying the cool night air having a quiet cigarette.
Not only did he see me, but the shock of being caught sent me off the road into a fire hydrant on the corner of his street. He called 911 when the street became flooded. My car was soaked and had to be towed and…he was absolutely right to break off our relationship.
I assure you, Leo Gannet, the Private Eye in my story, Burnt Island, is a lot more savvy than me. He’s just…unfortunately dealing with a jealous guy.
The Sins of Summer weaves a general thread of deception loosely tying tales of sin together. Envy, lust and wrath are explored in these scorching m/m tales involving action, burning hot sex and sinful adventures that will have you cranking up the Air Conditioning.
In his wonderful tale, paranormal tale Mayze, D.J. addresses the super-hot sin of lust. In her wickedly simmering tale, Summer Escape, Serena addresses the sin of wrath.
Having read all of these fine stories, I can only say it’s soon gonna get a whole lot hotter everywhere when this antho is released.
You can check it out here:

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