Naked in Hong Kong

By A.J. Llewellyn

No story is safe with me. Just ask any of my friends who’ve told me something naughty…or nice… and they know that somehow, some way, their story will wind up in one of my books. Only sometimes the story is so outlandish even I can’t use it!
I recently had dinner with a wonderful friend I haven’t seen for a while because she’s madly in love with her new man.
She took a couple of hours away from him to spend a little time with me. Knowing my passion for travel, she told me how he took her to Hong Kong and she mentioned how an ‘unfortunate incident’ almost wrecked their hot romance.
Of course, I had to know more. She told me a complicated story that boiled down to this: one night, she waited naked for him in their hotel bed and had champagne chilling on ice along with a few essential sex toys on hand (God, I love this woman!!).
For some reason, she had the urge to check if the ping of the elevator across the hall was him.
Don’t ask me how, but she wound up TRIPPING herself as she peered out of the door and fell SPLAT in the hallway.
In Hong Kong.
With the hotel door locked closed behind her.
Did I see a book in this? Hell, yeah…except my story of course involves a man and has a different kind of ending.
My friend told me that a group of Chinese businessmen rallied around her (I bet the did!!!) and one of them lent her an itty-bitty towel. But hotel security wouldn’t let her back into the room without ID (she’s naked, people) and when they did let her back in, they got an eyeful of her sex toys laid out on the bed.
Then her boyfriend arrived to find her Naked in Hong Kong with five strange men and her in an itty bitty towel.
Aahhh…that was a good laugh. For me. Not for her.
It begs the question. Is truth stranger than fiction? Absolutely. Had I written her story as told it, it would not be believable. Her story went on. She will never live it down…not now that she’s inspired a book. Naked in Hong Kong was released this weekend and I hope you’ll check it out:
How about you? Have you heard a story that’s really cool but so UNREAL it needs to be toned down?
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  1. No way to top this 😀
    Although a couple of weeks in Germany without speaking a single word of German can have its thrills…^^

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