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Naked In Hong Kong
by A. J. Llewellyn 


Rylan Seabury’s having difficulty making ends meet now that he’s no longer sparring partner to world heavyweight champion Shane Womack. When he finds the opportunity to make easy money as a male escort, he does so. At first, the work is fun, until he encounters the intense and possessive Beverly Hills attorney, Harley Stuart. Rylan is able to keep the man at arm’s length until Harley decides he wants to take Rylan to Hong Kong on a week-long lavish business trip. For Rylan, who’s a bit of a dreamer, it’s the chance to visit the city that inspired his hero, the late, great Martial Arts star, Bruce Lee.

Left to his own devices during the day, Rylan discovers a hidden Hong Kong most tourists don’t get to see. He’s attracted the attention of handsome but shy Tanjiro, the security guard of his lavish boutique hotel. Surprises are in store, however, when Rylan starts to realize nobody else but he can see Tanjiro.

Is Tanjiro real? Or a ghost? Why are all the good guys dead? And why does a pecking bird hold all the answers to his questions?

Rylan has plenty to deal with both in Hong Kong and back home. Shane is house-sitting for him and flipping out, but Harley is getting crazy enough for both of them. Rylan soon finds himself unable to cope with Harley’s irrational anger and extreme jealousy. But there, waiting for him, just out of reach, is the man he’s now obsessed with, the haunting, hunted Tanjiro…

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