Typos in eBooks

By A.J. Llewellyn

Some months ago I received an alert in my inbox that I was under discussion on Goodreads. There is a whole A.J. Llewellyn thread (who knew?). I guess there is for every author, but the old adage proved true. Eavesdroppers never hear good about themselves. While most were complimentary, one reader, Cori, commented that she loved my “Honeybone” books but would have given me higher marks had it not been for the typos.
Typos, bloody typos.
I make plenty of them because I type fast and I just don’t notice them.
Big Oops. Big frustration.
Cori and I exchanged very cordial messages on the loop and I took the blame for the typos because I often submit books very close to deadline. I can’t blame my editors. I get a chance to re-read things.
Again…I just don’t see ’em!
She offered to beta read for me and she has read a couple of books now and found some typos.
Typos, bloody typos.
I have a wonderful, dear friend in a fellow author who kindly reads everything D.J. Manly and I write, and frankly my dear, I always think when something has gone through a Final Line Edit it should be good to go, but no…..
Typos, bloody typos.
Somehow, they manage to sneak their way into my manuscripts. I swear, there is a typo fairy out there – somewhere – and she’s got it in for me. She hates me!
What about you? Do you make typos? What was your worst? Do you notice them? What’s the worst you’ve seen?
I’ve made too many to single out one.
Typos, bloody typos. I attract them like lint.

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2 Responses to “Typos in eBooks”

  1. I don’t know that I have ever read an e-book that didn’t have some typos. Usually they come at a critical part of the story when the readers are picking up reading speed and their brains automatically correct the error or fill in the missing article. That’s not an issue for me as long as there aren’t so many that the flow of the story is interrupted.

    I do have a problem when there are five arms involved in a sex scene with two characters, and I once read a book where there was an extra penis, and it wasn’t a sci-fi, either!


  2. Five arms? LOL that’s funny!!! And an extra penis? That’s a good trick…

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