A Change of Heart

By A.J. Llewellyn

I need help! Normally titles comes to me, whether they end up being good or bad, but for the third and final book in my M/M, WWII Pearl Harbor series I need help in coming up with the title.
Gypsy Heart, the sequel to my best-selling first book, Vagabond Heart, will be published June 13 by Total-e-Bound.
The title of the book, Vagabond Heart, fit the story of Tinder McCartney, a Honolulu gay male prostitute in WWII who finds love with his client, Jason Qui, on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Gypsy Heart, the second story in these men’s lives came to me easily. Although their relationship and commitment to one another deepen, the ravages of war take their toll on their lives. Jason makes the heartbreaking decision to undertake a secret mission for the US – a mission that actually did occur in real life.
In the third book, I want to convey that they are together at last and that their love is eternal. I tossed around ideas like Eternal Heart, Forever Heart…I even thought about Purple Heart, but maybe some of you have some ideas?
The winning entry will get a free ebook copy of Gypsy Heart when it comes out June 13. If you don’t have Vagabond Heart, you’ll get that, too. You will also get a thank you in the final book (publication date November, 2011) and a copy of that book, too.
So, please help me…and may the best title win!

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4 Responses to “A Change of Heart”

  1. Abiding Heart – First Choice

    Tranquil Heart

    Looking forward to both books!!


  2. Dee I love these…particularly Abiding Heart. I would never have thought of it. Thank you so much! I will let you know in the morning what I decide. Have you read the first one yet? If not I’d like to send you a copy just because both these titles are so awesome! Thank you!

  3. It’s official…the title of my third book in the Pearl Harbor series is Abiding Heart. My thanks to reader Dee Wyeth who suggested it over on Goodreads. My thanks also to everyone who submitted suggestions! Bool 2 in the series, Gypsy Heart comes to Total eBound June 13 and Abiding Heart in November.

  4. You’ve got a great blog there keep it up. I’ll be watching out for most posts.

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