Only You 

by A.J. Llewellyn

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The psychic predicted Ky would meet his one and only. What in the world does he do with two guys who both match her description?

Synopsis: Ky Maxwell is a PR guy who’s desperate for work. When his cushy studio job disappears, he tries everything to find new employment. He’s even thinking about holding up one of those foam pointy hands for a cell phone company outside a store when his former boss takes pity on him and refers him to a major movie studio about to go into production on a huge sci-fi trilogy.

Ky’s excited about the project until his prospective employer, Lisa Bird, insists she needs to do an astrological chart of Ky—and a psychic reading as part of the interview. His crazy, maybe-boss predicts a new man coming into Ky’s life. She goes into great detail. He’s a fire sign, probably a Leo, his first name starts with a T, he’s in his early 30s. And…this is it!

Ky couldn’t be less interested, however.  He needs work. Love won’t pay the bills. He doesn’t get the job because Lisa believes he isn’t a team player and because their stars are out of alignment. That would be fine except that the reading she gave him in her office is proving to be frighteningly accurate. Since he’s cut off from her though, he has no idea which of the two wonderful new guys he’s met is his forever man. How can he choose…or will they, too, soon vanish as fast as Ky’s last paycheck?

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