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First he was Wanted, then Needed, Bonded and Mated. Now Mingo McCloud, Hawaii’s hottest forensic accountant is Fixated on marriage, murder and mayhem in paradise!

Synopsis: Mingo McCloud has a lot going on. Dealing with his private life just got more complicated now he and his lover, Francois, have a fulltime teenager in the house. And soon Mingo has a new foe on his hands: the banshee goddess of the Seven Bridges. Yep, only an island guy like Mingo could wind up tangling with an ancient deity in what should be a routine murder investigation.

But that’s not all. Hawaii has just passed the same-sex civil union bill. Will Francois give up his resistance to getting hitched and pop the question? And what about their son, Ferric? What does his new obsession with a teenage surfing queen have to do with a shark, bikini workouts, pole dancing and…wedding cake?

Note to readers: This title is Number 5 in the Mingo McCloud series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone book.

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  1. Loved it! I can not get enough of these 2. I hope this series spins off into a Benny and Sage.

    Keep up the wonderful writing.

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks so much!! That is definitely going to happen. Thanks for letting mw know you enjoyed the book!

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