First Foot: Phantom Lover Book 15

I have a brand new release today at! First Foot: Book 15 in the Phantom Lover series is available now! I wrote this as a thank you to all my wonderful readers who made this a best-selling series. I love you all!

It’s Christmas time in Scotland. Bagpipes! Yule bread! Hot men in kilts…and one paranormal Hawaiian family…Christmas may never be the same again!

Kimo and Lopaka have taken their whole family to Scotland for an old-fashioned Christmas in a magnificent castle in the snowy Cairngorm Mountains. Their host, the Earl of Glennich is a fanatic for Christmas and follows all the ancient traditions once banned in Scotland for four hundred years, until 1958.

The daffy earl is obsessed with good luck and fears bad luck around every corner of his haunted castle. Will everything go right when he asks Kimo to First Foot on Christmas Day? Tradition holds that the first person to cross the threshold must be a dark-haired man. A fair-haired man or a woman, are considered bad luck. Kimo and Lopaka think things will go just fine. They’re having fun sneaking off for furtive love-making and finding secret places to kiss. For Kimo, this family Christmas is a dream come true after many years of loneliness. Nothing but good luck could be on their Christmas horizon…or is it?

This is Book 15 in the best-selling “Phantom Lover” series.

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  1. Been off in la-la land most of the month AJ…but I had to check in with you and let you know that I am an absolute Kimo and Lopaka slut, and can’t wait til I can buy this (why isn’t it the 20th yet dangit!)…Congrats on another sure-to-be best-seller!

  2. Hi Elaine the book is already out. Thanks for your very sweet comments!


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