Crazy Business

Crazy love. We’ve all experienced it…I think. I’ve mentioned before I’ve experienced my own demented moments in love…but how about a crazy friendship? And how about crazy business? Have you ever done anything utterly crazy in a friendship or in the course of conducting business?
I don’t know about you about I’ve had my fair share of lapses in dealing with people but there are lines I would draw in any transaction. For example, how dumb do you have to be to trust a complete stranger with your body AFTER you’ve had a heated argument?
There is news out of Australia that a guy went to a tattoo artist and they argued. He wanted a dragon on his back and the artist complied. The guy went home and showed off the tattoo to his roommate and learned to his horror that he didn’t have a dragon tattoo but a giant, 15 inch penis! And to add insult to injury there is also a misspelled gay slur on his back.
Here’s the link to the article:
I have to say as an outsider it’s hilarious. I have no idea what the tattoo artist was thinking. Surely he knew he’d wind up in legal trouble but that must have been some argument to risk criminal charges, which he now faces.
Have you ever done anything crazy in business or friendship?
I think the craziest thing I did – and it still shames me to remember it – was the time I was asked to give a well-known actor some feedback on a screenplay he wrote. Now, this is my day job and the guy knew this which was why he solicited my advice. He didn’t offer me money. I guess he thought he was doing ME the favor. Anyway, I made the colossal mistake of telling him the truth. I’m still not sure I was completely wrong in being honest in telling him his screenplay sucked, but I’ve learned that experience, like a 15 inch tattoo on your back teaches you some life lessons in craziness.
How about you? How crazy have you gotten? Please leave a comment and the best one gets a free ebook from me!
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