Logline:  Some call it love, some call it passion, but when a soul is taken over, others call it…seduced.


Children of the Rainbow Series Book 2

By A.J. Llewellyn

 M/M Paranormal Romance

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Synopsis: Paden Campbell wants nothing more than to enjoy his newfound togetherness with his love, the rainbow-walker, Track. The two men are growing closer, but Paden’s solitude with his man is shattered when the mother of a young gay man approaches him. Her son is missing. Closer investigation reveals that Sean Maverick, who has traveled to Hawaii to visit his mom after a bad relationship break up is afraid of water. He loathes the sea, hates pineapples…and Hawaii.

So how come, when Paden and Track walk the rainbow to help find him, the messages they receive are that Maverick can be found in the sea? What are these conflicting messages and can Paden and Track battle the forces of an ancient ocean deity to unlock the mystery? Paden enlists the help of his son’s powerful husband, the great kahuna, Kimo Wilder, to help in the battle for a soul…seduced.

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2 Responses to “Seduced”

  1. This is a wonderful series. I do have one question, should I have read My Cannibal King Husband, Na Hiku and Paden before I started this series? I did read Track first but I feel like I am missing some information on their beginning.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    You could read those…actually it would make more sense maybe, especially Paden…however I leave it up to you. Neither is a very long book so it shouldn’t take too much time…but I am glad you enjoued Track. Thanks for letting me know!

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