Mated and Snake Eyes

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“Snake Eyes” is already in’s top 100 GLBT books for 2010. My co-author Stephani Hecht and I are STOKED!


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River King is worried about his mom, Honey. An obsessive-compulsive-collector, she’s pounced on every questionable craze in pop culture history. She spent a fortune on now-worthless Cabbage Patch Dolls, Beanie Babies and Yugio Cards…you name it, she’s got…in multiple copies. Her latest obsession however is so secretive he’s got a bad feeling she’s in trouble when he can’t reach her. He’s not wrong. After he asks the local cops in her Brooklyn, NY, suburb of Park Slope to make a routine welfare check on her, he is stunned to learn that Honey is unconscious. She’s been bitten by a snake. And not just any snake.

How in the world did his mom happen to own an uturu pit viper? River soon learns his mom, whose life hangs in the balance, has been obsessively collecting deadly snakes and venomous lizards bought mostly online and in furtive flea market deals. With the aid of local cops, a zoologist and hunky ‘hoarder’ therapist, Colton Fanning, River soon learns that love, like snakes, can strike at any time…

MATED: Book 4 in the Mingo McCloud Series:

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Mingo and Francois thought they’d be safe from catastrophe in beautiful Connecticut. Even on the mainland, Hawaii’s hottest crime-fighting couple can’t stay out of trouble…

Mingo McCloud, his lover Francois and their son Ferric are in Hartford, Connecticut for their best friends’ wedding. Mingo and Ferric are carjacked on the way to picking up the brides’ wedding cake. Francois, furious that he wasn’t there to protect his family, drops the super-secret case he’s been working on to take Mingo and Ferric for a quick, sun-drenched trip to his birthplace of St. Martin in the Caribbean.

Unbelievably, Mingo and Ferric encounter the same two men who carjacked them in Hartford…and it soon emerges that they are connected to Francois’s latest security case. Francois is now hell-bent on revenge, whilst Mingo must deal with long-dormant feelings for his ex-lover Kaolin who is on vacation in St. Martin. He wants Mingo back and will do anything to win his heart…even to marry him. But there’s another guy hovering too, hunky FBI agent Sage Brantley, who wants another hot threesome with Mingo and Francois. Who will die? Who will get bedded? Are Mingo and Francois fated to be mated…and, were the carjackers’ guns made in Taiwan?

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Snake Eyes

3 Responses to “Mated and Snake Eyes”

  1. This series has had me laughing and crying. Mingo and Francois are well suited for each other. Ferric just adds something real to the other wise crazy lives of Mingo and Francois. Mingo’s mom is a whoot. I hope she finds love (true) soon. The next book I hope is Sage and he forgets about Kaolin and concentrates on Benny.

  2. Hi Lisa, I love this idea. That is actually my plan. If you can come up with a one-word title in the manner of Bonded, wanted, mated etc, you will get a free copy of the book and the dedication.

  3. Wow. Figuring out a title is hard. That’s why authors get paid the big bucks. I am guessing it depends on the way the characters tell their story. One title that keeps coming to mind is Betrayed because I see Kaolin betraying Sage. Another title is Finally because Benny finally figures out that Kaolin is not the person he needs because of the affection and honesty from Sage.
    If anything else pops in my head I will be sure to write it down and deliver it to you. Thank you for this opportunity to contribute.

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