The Mediator




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Icarus Smith has two problems, and they both want him…Their Mediator.

Icarus Smith has just landed an unusual assignment. A licenced mediator used to handling squabbling spouses, he’s been hand-picked to mediate between two, world-boxing champions about to demolish a forty million dollar welterweight championship title fight.

Somehow, Icarus needs to persuade Italian superstar Paolo de Luca to step into the ring with America’s hottest champion and Paolo’s arch-nemesis, Adam Wyler. So far, the fight scheduled to take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden is a bust. Fans have bought tickets, Pay-Per-View sales are through the roof. Just like Lady Di’s face once adorned dishcloths, these guys have their faces on buttons, badges, posters, TV and print ads.

And they don’t care. But Icarus has an even bigger problem. He’s just accepted promoter Thaddeus Halsey’s huge wad of cash to broker this deal and Icarus has only just realised that Paolo is the hot guy he exchanged sweaty-boy sex with in Rome.

Can Icarus do it? Can he persuade the man who broke his heart to face the guy who now apparently wants it?
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