Cops and Rubbers

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By A.J. Llewellyn

I am a Buddhist by choice, Greek Orthodox by birth, and I enjoy both religions and the wisdom I learn from both. I recently shared my deep anguish and frustration over dealing with relentless ebook piracy with my mentor at my weekly Buddhist meetings. I explained my side of things. I explained how I spend an hour a day combing the Internet to remove illegal uploads of my books.
“Remember something,” she said. “That which you resist, persists.”
When my Greek priest said something similar recently and mentioned the words, “love your enemy”, it got me thinking.
And when I think, I write.
And out came my upcoming August 1 release, Cops and Rubbers, in which an ebook author tracks down the man who’s been pirating his books relentlessly.
When Jason Jagger tracks down his thief…he is in for a big surprise.
Being an erotic romance novel, there’s plenty of love and sex. But could an author learn to love a pirate? I think so. It was kind of fun – and alarming – to present both sides of the piracy debate.
Who’d have thought that I could step outside my own issues and look at this objectively?
I sure didn’t.
But, I did. I still don’t love piracy and I never will. But I love books, I love to write and I have to believe things will change.
My publisher at Amber Quill Press was a little surprised when he read the blurb to Cops and Rubbers, knowing me as he does, but Trace Edward Zaber, artistic genius that he is, gave me an amazing cover and I can’t wait for the book’s release.
Much of the story in Cops and Rubbers is true. I’ve worked at a theater selling tickets, just like Jason. I also moonlighted as a nail polish salesman over the phone and did all the crazy part-time jobs Jason does in the book to supplement my addiction: writing.
Yep, writing is a bad habit and not one I’m likely to give up any time soon. Like Jason, I’ve sat back and wondered is it worth the 16-17 hour days juggling day jobs with the love-job, to have your work stolen quicker than you can get it out there?
With or without piracy, there’s something to be said for being able to tell your stories, for being published. I am glad people like my work and I am happy to have such awesome publishers.
I hope when the book is released, you’ll check it out, and just like me, maybe you’ll learn to love a pirate.
Ahoy matey!

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2 Responses to “Cops and Rubbers”

  1. Hi AJ!
    I have said it before and will continue to say it……..e-book piracy is EXACTLY like stealing anything else! There are NO excuses, it’s theft plain and simple. I am so sorry that you and all authors out there have this to deal with when you could spend more time doing what you love: writing! In this day of technology, I am hopeful that there will soon be a way of preventing this from happening altogether….until then, please hang in there, my friend, as you know those of us that BUY your books will always do so….cause we love what you do as much as you do.


  2. OK, I have a confession to make…
    The first time I saw Kimo and Lopaka series was on one of those underground sites that piled everything together: fanfics, manga, yaoi, erotic novels… you name it – it was there. I signed up to read fanfics and was shocked to find copyright material being distributed freely. I got really scared and bolted out of there… only to come back later to look at the book reviews and descriptions. I googled every single book that the site offered, about 15-18 titles, found Extasy Books among other e-book sellers and bought all the K&L books available at the time as well as Josh Lanyon’s “Adrien English Mysteries”.
    I am sure I would have discovered gay literature sooner or later, but I am grateful it happened sooner… even though it was a very twisted way to do it.
    Am I against piracy? Yes. Especially – but not only! – because the prices on e-books are ridiculously low. You spend more on coffee every day. It’s beyond me why people continue stealing.
    All the books I have I paid for and I am so paranoid now I keep all the receipts (talking about electronic clutter! – lol)
    I am glad I came across that underground site but I am also glad it was eventually shut down.
    The new book looks really good 😀 Can’t wait till August 1st!

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